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          The creation of Bitcoin technology allowed us to make quick and safe transfers, as well as a whole bunch of useful and innovative information.  But even these developments can not be considered an ideal technological mechanism, so it is not surprising that from time to time project groups and entire scientific teams appear, which by all available means try to improve it.

            And as a result, now in the field of Bitcoin technology there are 3 generations at once: the first one connected directly with the beat, the second - with the Etherium, and the third - EOS and Cosmos.  But, as expected, work on improving the system has not stopped, and many enthusiasts around the world are trying to find ways to address the new improvement of existing technologies.

            Already today, we can safely say, the fourth version of the technology blockchain.  Startle Seele is the world's first technology platform, which supports the vision of blocchain 4.0, and also offers a number of its innovative developments and proposals.

            What is Seele?  The Seele project is a specialized platform, using the latest technological developments of the blockchain.  The project team puts together that they have developed and successfully tested a revolutionary platform that is distinguished by excellent work and functioning, something that could not previously be achieved with the example of Bitcoin and the Etherium.  Soon, Seele should become the leader of the blockchain market around the world.  Technological objectives of the project

           From all of the above, we can conclude that the Seele system intends to develop a specialized ecosystem with a large set of functions, which will lead to a real revolution in the field of blockchain developments.

            What Seele provides So, after analyzing the technological component of the project, it is possible to note: 

• Neural Consensus is the most important technology that will increase the overall system performance by 40%, which will really allow for more operations at high speed;  

• Scalability technologies based on heterogeneous forest.  Its essence is based on such a logic that all the provided assets are united on a hierarchical basis into a subnet, which then create a full-fledged network;  

• The presence of HTTP and VTP.  The use of these protocols will allow for quick and qualitative identification of user assets;  

• A few words about the technical safety of the project.  Thus, the project team emphasizes the use of neural consensus, which is more efficient than DPos.  In plain language, this means that scammers and hackers will not be able to "outsource" third-party transactions and transactions.  In order to disrupt the integrity of the system, and to conduct a powerful Sybil attack, scammers will have to be wasted, and hence the expediency of attacking Seele is not seen as a promising activity.

            If you briefly list what exactly the user is given by Seele system - the mass of connections at the same time, excellent technological safety, low operational delays and a lot of other bells and whistles.  In short, entering the crypto-currency market, the Seele project team has a very interesting and attractive technological start-up, which can bring fresh ideas and revolutionary opportunities to the blockchain.

            At the end of the review of the project, it can be noted that this startup has all the prerequisites to enter the global market for the consumption of digital technologies.  If everything goes relatively "smoothly", the Seele project can become a real technological breakthrough in the field of blocchain developments of the fourth generation.

            If you look at the composition of the project team in 2 words, it can be noted that there are experienced professionals in it who can bring the Seele project to previously unseen technological successes and recognition.  As soon as the test version of the product is launched, it will be possible to build the first conclusions and make forecasts about the further success of the project.

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