Block66 - the future of mortgage lending !

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Today we will analyze an interesting blockchain project, working in the field of mortgage lending - Block66. The site is presented in 4 languages - American, Chinese, Korean and Russian.

The Block66 team is developing a unique platform that uses blockchain technology to increase transparency, optimize the allocation of capital, and overcome credit constraints tied to the location.

They have pre-sales of their tokens, and the cost of the Ethereum is fixed at $ 500. At the moment, the market value of the Ethereum is less than $ 200.

But, the project team states that it believes in the Ethereum platform and gives us such a unique opportunity to invest at an excellent price. Also available pre-sale bonus, it is 33%.

They have good ratings, TrackICO estimates - for the maximum score - 5 out of 5. They plan to raise $ 12 million, and the minimum for the launch of the project is $ 2.8 million.

They believe that the mortgage industry is on the verge of collapse and they want to modernize it with the help of a technology blockchain.

Indeed, many creditworthy people can not get either a loan or a mortgage at the bank now. This is all due to various bureaucratic decisions.

Block66 will create new opportunities for both this category of citizens, and for everyone else.

What is the highlight of the project?

Block66 has decided to simplify the work and improve life both for mortgage brokers, lenders, and borrowers. a credit rating will be available, property valuation and compliance of creditors with various parameters. For creditors, accordingly, a credit pipeline will be built, which will work and stable bring them money. Borrowers will get quick and trouble-free access to obtaining a mortgage and a loan.
You can read the details in whitepaper

Their mission is important, necessary. And I would say global. They want to build the world's first mortgage lending network, go beyond the borders of one state, and provide services around the world.

As for their B66 token, its release will be limited. In addition, it will generate its own BNET token. This token will be sold on the Block66 platform.

The team began work on the project in the first quarter of 2017 and the development will continue until the third quarter of 2019. MVP is scheduled to be launched in the 1st quarter of 2019.

The site provides information on the distribution of tokens and the entire budget of the company.

We see that the pre-sales began on September 6, and the planned end date is September 20.

Join the telegram chat, it always publishes fresh and up-to-date information.

They have an experienced team. Everyone has profiles in linkedin. You can go to every member of the team and read information about him.

The site contains the advisers of the project. There are young and old wolves of crypto business.

The team they really experienced and some of its members have worked in such well-known companies as Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Virgin and other well-known world companies that are represented on their site.

I will express my opinion about this project and about the team. It can be seen that they are serious about work and achievement of their goals. The team makes it clear that their project should be taken seriously and for a long time.

Otherwise would they now sell their tokens at the price of the Ethereum at $ 500? Of course not.

I constantly hear from my friends, acquaintances and relatives stories about how they tried to take a mortgage, what they did for this, what kind of information they collected, what they forged, and who paid bribes. And a very large percentage of them could not get the desired mortgage. It's time to really change something. So let's support the Block66 project team! The guys are creating something unique for today and useful for us and you.
The team is constantly working on the project. Regularly releases updates and makes improvements to the future platform. This proves their excellent attitude to the case. And also shows the seriousness of their intentions. They chose a big and important mission! Of course, there will be difficulties. But who didn't face them? So I believe in their success!

Subscribe to the news of the project, watch everything on social networks. I'll leave the links at the end of this article.

I hope I was of use to you! bye bye!


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