How to participate in the ProBit Referral Program?


Greetings to all, dear friends! In the coming days I will publish a few articles about the cryptocurrency exchange ProBit, it starts on November 30. In this article I will tell you about the referral program, I will tell you about all the details. Also, I will analyze in detail the rewards that you can get. There are 4 types of awards. So here they are:

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Tickets to Grand Lottery
For each invited friend you get 10 points to participate in the lottery. Every day 100 EOS tokens are raffled and Samsung Galaxy S9 is raffled weekly. Every day 10 winners will be selected, who will receive 10 EOS. The more referrals you attract-the more lottery tickets you earn. Accordingly, the more tickets you have - the higher the chance to win EOS tokens in the daily lottery.

Referral bonus 1%
The second reward you will receive for your referral is a referral bonus of 1%. If he takes part in Pre-Sale and buys PROB tokens, you will receive 1% of the funds he invested.

USDT tokens
The third award-you will receive 4 USDT for each person who registered on your link and made a Deposit of $ 50 or more. The more referrals you invite-the MORE usdt tokens will earn. If you invite 25 friends, you will earn 100 usdt tokens.

Referral bonus from trading commissions
There is also the 4th type of award. This is a referral bonus, it is from 10 to 20% of the trading Commission. When your referral will trade on the platform, depending on the number of ProBit tokens contained on his account - you will receive from 10 to 20% of the deductions from the trading Commission. Here are interesting rewards!

How to join?

  1. Need to create account on exchange ProBit this link
  2. Invite friends, acquaintances, etc. by your referral link or referral code. Also directly through the site ProBit can share this link in the social networks -Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  3. Get your rewards and enjoy them!

I have already registered, now I have a referral link and referral code for the invitation. It is not necessary to register with a referral link. You can simply send your referral code to the person and he will enter it in a special field when registering on the platform.

Also, all the detailed information about the referral program is contained in the article on the ProBit blog in Medium. The link will be provided below.

I want to remind you that now they are Pre-Sale, which started on November 5 and will last until November 28. Now you can get a bonus of 10% of the PROB tokens and this is a very profitable offer. In the current situation in the financial market ProBit team did made the right decision - they accept investments only in dollars.

What do you need to participate in Pre-Sale?

  1. Register on the platform using this link
  2. After that you will be available for the purchase of tokens is the link:
  3. I remind you, the minimum investment is $ 50.

If you are looking for where to invest, I suggest to consider this option, it's a great exchange! The speed of confirmation of transactions on the ProBit exchange will be up to 1.5 million transactions per second! Such speed of work is not present at any existing exchange. Of course, there are other advantages and unique features of this platform. I will tell about them in detail in one of the following articles.
If you have any questions about the referral program, leave a comment under this article. Be sure to answer you and try to help. Today with you say good-bye, good luck!

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