About the project

The platform for decentralized applications and smart contracts is characterized by a high level of scaling and cross-interaction.

In short, the crypt motto of MOAC

The MOAC platform is aimed at creating a multilevel architecture for the use of decentralized applications and intellectual contracts. Priority is given to high network bandwidth and flexible configuration of blocks for each of the projects being created.

MOAC Project

The basis for the development of MOAC is the solution of three main problems: network decentralization, data protection and bandwidth scaling. These principles are developed using the following components:

a global maternal block chain that ensures the interaction of all components;
micro-block, customizable for the work of intellectual contracts;
Decentralized applications work on the basis of the desired block chain.

The MOAC architecture implies that each decentralized application uses its own block circuit. This approach allows you to customize consensus protocols, block size, learning principles and other aspects of the block.

The result of such a distributed system is the solution of the scaling problem. According to the calculations of the developers, the throughput of the MOAC network will increase to 10,000 transactions per second.
The functionality of decentralized applications, developed on the basis of this infrastructure, is related to the general blocking. It provides confirmation of all information and interaction of user blocks of blocks, forming a complete and safe environment for working with projects.

In addition to these aspects, MOAC is also being developed as a platform for the platform. It is planned to open direct interaction with Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS functions. This step will allow developers of four projects to create universal applications and intellectual contracts for a single user base.

In addition, the developers of MOAC pay attention to the availability of the proposed functions. Development of software for mobile devices that can increase the relevance and relevance of the project to a wide audience of users.

Development prospects

Analysts assess the development of MOAC analytically. When evaluating the platform, the focus is on the urgency of the task and the success of its implementation.

The main attention is paid to network scaling. This problem is considered one of the key blockbuster technologies, and its solution increases the productivity and demand for digital technology to a new level.

The idea of additional lines that work for individual or custom project types for each application is no longer considered to be original. A number of other projects are implementing a similar technology that poses the problem of competitiveness of MOAC.

In this context, the successful development of the project, shown in a short period, is emphasized. This platform began its development from the middle of 2017, attracting about $ 7 million during the ICO. In November, a test version of the network was released. In 2018 the project continues to develop.
The development depends not only on improving and optimizing the basic functions, but also on the convenience of the user. In addition to the interaction between platforms and access from mobile devices, exchange of the stock exchange and cryptographic currency processing are offered. These factors make the project not only necessary, but also sufficiently competitive for long-term development. Future plans for MOAC developers include optimization of infrastructure, improved security and improved application interface. At the same time, it is planned to expand the list of DApps, developed on the basis of this platform.
Given this factor, analysts predict a gradual increase in user activity as the project develops and in the context of developing new ideas based on it.

Participation of developers and multi-platform cooperation make MOAC a promising tool not only for use, but also for investment.Despite the presence of such competing projects, analysts positively assess the future development of the platform, focusing on a quality approach to solving pressing issues.

Given these factors, MOAC is becoming a project that is simultaneously required from two perspectives: an evolving cross-platform for developing intellectual contracts and decentralized applications and as an investment tool. In the context of the second factor, a long-term investment potential is put forward.

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