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Referral marketing - a find for business Hello friends. I think that among you definitely there are those who thought about opening their own business or already did it. However, own business is a risky step in the conditions of the present. I will explain: it does not matter whether you are the owner of a giant company or founded a small company, your success directly depends on the number of customers. You exist and have income as long as you are needed by consumers while you are competitive. In our time the market is oversaturated to stay on the pilaf is becoming increasingly difficult. However, there are strategies by which businessmen can break out into the lead. Not too long ago, companies actively began to apply one of these strategies - referral marketing.

What it is?

Referral marketing is a strategy that benefits both the entrepreneur and the client, as it allows you to increase the number of potential customers through recommendations, and the recommendations are encouraged by the company. This strategy is used, for example, by the service It generates a special link for the user, and if someone uses the services of the service, clicking on this personal link, then the user will return one thousand rubles. But the fact is that this strategy is not too stable and is not used everywhere. First, this system is always centralized, and secondly, it does not allow users to be tracked. All this makes the system unsafe, so it does not apply widely. However, Blockchane again became the solution to another problem in the market. There is a company that will balance the referral economy, make it safe and fair. This company is Plentix. In detail about the company Plentix Plentix company creates a platform based on Blochein, which will provide companies with their own software, embedded in the business using API.

Thus, the platform will become a kind of online store, access to which can be obtained through the application. Blokchan's technology will provide a fair, high-quality and safe reward system for the seller, consumers and even developers and other project participants. Interaction will be provided through smart contracts, which eliminates additional fees.

How does Plentix solve the problems of the referral economy?

First, the platform is fully automated and decentralized. Developers themselves customize their software, build and implement their own applications. Secondly, the platform has an impeccable architecture, with only one account, a person can use several embedded applications based on CRM and POS. Thirdly, the platform provides an improved system of rewards - using tokens or a promotional code for discounts. And the last is tokenized referrals. Personal data, thanks to the Blochein system, remain protected even after the transactions are completed, and the site will be in high demand due to the growing value of the tokens.

How does Plentix work?

A specially equipped panel will allow users to send information messages about the product with social networks or mail, so the referral (whoever was involved) will become the owner of a special code that he can use to receive a discount for the purchase of the required product. The referrer (the one who attracted another user) rewards with the same discount, or with the crypto currency set by the company. By the way, the size of discounts and the validity period of codes is also set by the companies. Users will not be forced to pay interim fees, and will also be able to take advantage of all platform benefits due to the versatility and flexibility of the system.

Team Plentix

Thanks to the work of experienced professionals and just professionals in their field, the Plentix platform was created. These guys are IT specialists, engineers, CEO - industry, business and others. Without such a diverse and multi-oriented team, we would not have solved the problems of the referral economy for a very long time.

Terms ICO

The platform will have its own token - PTN. The project has 500,000,000 tokens. 1 PTN is equal to 0.02 dollars. Expected fees - $ 10,000,000. The distribution of tokens occurs according to plan: 50 percent for sale, 15 percent for reserve coins and 5 percent for strategic partners and first sponsors. Personal opinion instead of output The Plentix platform is a project not directed to the future, it is a project that solves the problems that exist here and now. Those of you who have thought about starting your own business, can no longer doubt that they will not be able to attract potential customers for their company and will generate revenue. Plentix is
a real find that promotes the implementation and promotion of truly worthy and promising business projects.

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