📢 How BMW and Audi troll each other [↻50%]

📢 How BMW and Audi troll each other

The instigator of "squabble" in the format of billboards was BMW, or rather one of the dealers of the Bavarian brand in Tunisia.

Local seller BMW decided to "potillit" its competitors by placing a billboard with jocular text just a few meters from the dealer center selling various brands of the Volkswagen concern, including Audi.

So, on the billboard, which is right before the entrance to the auto show, appeared the inscription: "It's never too late to change your mind." At the same time the BMW dealer made it clear in favor of whom, in all likelihood, it is worth changing your mind to customers. The shield shows the recognizable front optics of BMW cars, as well as the brand logo.

The answer did not take long. Just a few days on the fence of the dealer center appeared a banner with the words: "We do not change the brand that wins." Above the inscription there are four Audi rings, playfully played in the internet memo "Lol". a shriek from laughing out loud.

Advertising confrontation is devoid of anger and aggression. On the contrary, the companies are picking up easily and with humor. As a result of this struggle creatives are born, in terms of impact much stronger than conventional advertising. There are no losers here - everyone will take their share of fame and attention. Therefore, the mutual marketing stunts of car manufacturers are more like a comradeship in chess.

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