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Hello my dear readers. It's me Vladbounty and today we are going to talk about an interesting project Media Protocol. Media Protocol is a project that introduces a system of incentives for content market participants. The idea of the project originated among the employees of the company This company is engaged in artificial intelligence and has long worked in the field of media, communications and marketing. I will tell you more and more in detail.

Main information:

Media protocol - is an Internet protocol designed specifically for the Internet space, namely to solve information flows. Simply put, the Media Protocol is a set of rules created on the Blockchain, which is more focused on the sphere of marketing and advertising. At the same time, the Media Protocol intends to create its own internal economy of relations between the creators of information content with the help of smart contracts.

Today, it became customary that users who need certain information should pay for it - either once for content, or by purchasing a subscription to view the materials. At the same time, while consumers use paid content, the selling resources of it collect information about consumers, and this is done secretly.

Platforms on this earn money by selling data to content creators or marketing companies. It turns out that the consumer does not receive any compensation for his data, only mediators earn on this. However, consumers change, they do not like it when they are followed, they turn off cookies or simply leave the resource.

The problem is that there is nowhere to go. The content market is managed by several centralized companies that own many media, and everywhere there are the same rules. Such a system is beneficial only to intermediaries.

All this does not suit the market participants, so the Media Protocol creates a new ecosystem using the Ephirium blockbuster and the internal media token ERC20. In a new model of interaction between creators, publishers and consumers, each participant can earn tokens that can be used to pay for services within the network or exchange for another crypto currency.

How it works:

The publisher or author selects Media tokens to promote their content. Some of them go as payment to a decentralized application, simplifying the search for the desired content. The remaining funds come to users who interact with the content. Consumers get the opportunity to earn for likes, views and sharing content. 

The creators of decentralized applications are encouraged by both publishers and users, and publishers receive revenue from paid access to content. It can be one-off or issued as a paid subscription. Consumers can tip content creators in gratitude for interesting material, and creators can also encourage brands for information that promotes their interests. Promoters will also receive tokens for providing access to content, but they can not make a paid subscription.


Token: MPT

Platform: Ethereum

Type: ERC-20

You need to pass KYC to buy tokens of this project.



In conclution I would like to note that the development team took into account all the subtleties and nuances of the modern social network and other media resources, eliminating their negative qualities. Developing a new, improved platform for all talented people, integrating them into one big ecosystem.






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