Despite the relative youthfulness of blockade technology, the games created with its use are very popular.  And it's not just about CryptoKitties that has recently thundered.  The market for such entertainment exists since the beginning of 2014, but remains fragmented.  Collect them on the same platform offers a Singapore start-up EON Foundation.  

What is it?  

EON Foundation founded in 2017 experts Facebook, Tencent, Oculus VR and other large companies (some employees have a diploma of Stanford University).  Offices of the company are in Singapore, Palo Alto and Beijing.  This is a serious organization with a team of professionals and impressive investments.  

Initially, EON was unlikely to conquer the crypto-currency market.  She probed it with a browser game using the CryptoAlpaca blockbuster.  

In the first week it registered 10 thousand users, and today the number of registrations has exceeded 200 thousand (users - from 100 countries).  

Gameplay CryptoAlpaca - uncomplicated: you plant and sell alpaca animals (similar to lamas and also from South America).  The fact that alpaca is a mascot bitcoin, played the developers on hand.  The heights of CryptoKitties have not yet been reached, but CryptoAlpaca is constantly playing and spending money on the order of a thousand users.  In the informal top of decentralized projects, it ranks second.  

EON released several more products, and then decided to open a single platform for decentralized games.  Safe, convenient for developers and gamers, with low commissions and great financial prospects for investors.  

How it works?  

Functionally EON resembles Steam, Origin, GOG - any online games store.  A trading platform with a comfortable web interface and an adequate mobile application.  Register, replenish your wallet, play in the projects you like.  

As a rule, games on the block system use the model free-to-play, that is, access to the basic functionality of the product is free.  In-game items are sold for a "crypt" (such as alpaca in CryptoAlpaca or cats in CryptoKitties).  Gamers may well make good money on trade, and developers rely on commissions with transactions.  

For game makers, having a single platform removes a lot of problems.  Steam and its competitors leave themselves at least 30% of the profit, plus the product should somehow be advertised - by banners / branding on profile sites, in social networks, through contextual ads in search engines, etc.  Facebook and Google are not bad at this profit.  

With EON, you do not have to worry about progress.  Developers will immediately get access to a huge audience, interested in their games, and marketing tools.  Currency - universal, tokens EON.  Thus, the authors of the content will instantly receive payment, in whatever country the users live.  Do not have to open regional offices and wait for a foreign bank to make a cross-border transfer.  

EON provides a system of recommendations to facilitate the search for games.  Still users can communicate and, probably, create groups / clubs on interests.  Free to share in-game items with friends is also not prohibited.  

Now the developers are more busy with the promotion of applications than the refinement of the functionality.  There are no new customers - there is no money, and there and to bankruptcy to hand.  With EON, marketing will go to the background, the introduction of new "chips" - will be released at first.  

Why invest in EON?  

Not so long ago, the EON startup received a seed investment of $ 5 million. $ 5 million - good "lifting" for any start-up, but the implementation of ideas EON needs much more.  That is why the company enlisted the support of IMO Ventures, Merculet and other organizations with broad financial capabilities.The startup has shone so brightly against the background of other teams coming out on the ICO, that it was written about by Forbes, Business Insider and Yahoo.  

With EON, it's not difficult to run the game, get the first wave of customers and take into account the feedback to improve it.  The gaming network of EON itself and its partners already unites 5 million gamers.  

The revolution in the "digital" distribution of games and the expansion of the capabilities of users and developers is not the only goal of EON.  

The new platform will also serve as a kind of educational program for crypto-currencies and lock-up, because games are known to be a very lucrative way to introduce the audience to new technologies.  

Details ICO

Ticker: EOT (ERC-20)
Total Tokens: 2,100,000,000
Tokens available on ICO: 30%
Token price: 1 ETH = 21000 EOT
Softbank: 10000 ETH
Hardcard: 15,000,000 $


I have no doubt that ICO EON  will shoot.  The total volume of the game market last year, according to EON, is $ 116 billion. The annual growth in the future will be 8.3%.  The block-games will eventually gain a significant share in the market.  Interestingly, out of $ 100 + billion, most of it settles in the pockets of publishers, distribution platforms and ad networks.  It's a joke - developers spend over 50% of their profits on promotion and lose on commissions.  Well, the blockade democratizes this industry, incidentally (thanks to smart contracts) eliminating problem situations when making / receiving payments.



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