Good afternoon to all readers.  I want to give an overview today of the draft of block games.  EON is a decentralized blockbuster platform for digital games and player communication.  

Key points of the project: 

  • High potential due to 2 topical areas, united into one: block technology and computer games 
  • Reducing marketing costs and bridging the gap between game developers and players. 
  • Available user database and several popular games. 
  • Almost all kinds of currencies are supported. 
  • Transparency 
  • The program of rewards for attracting players  
  • Reverse tokens redemption. When 100,000 users reach a certain part of the EON will be redeemed back for destruction

Technical aspects:

The platform will only store the data necessary for the audit: the history of transactions and referral smart contracts.  The rest of the information will be stored on a centralized server.  Ethereum will be used as the most optimal and proven technology.  When providing a new game, developers will be provided with support for integration with the SDK platform (Software Development Kit or package for developing their own applications).  Thanks to SDK, manufacturers will be able to easily adjust the reward system, depending on the buying needs of the players, and also make games that support crypto-currency payments.  Initially, attention will be focused on block games and indie games (developed by a separate creator or a small team without the financial support of the publisher of computer games), in the future it is planned to support PC games and mobile mid-root and hard-core games (games for medium-enthusiastic players  and gaming fans)

Gaming community:

This community is intended for communicating with other players, publishing photos, video and game reviews, voting for and against other users' publications (upwinds and dunwows).  The activity and achievements of users, bringing the development of the EON community, will be rewarded with EON tokens.  Each user will have his own profile page displaying the general information about the player, his activity and achievements.  

Development system:

This is a platform where creators can display or update their games, monitor statistics, change the parameters of smart contracts for referral rewards for attracting various users.  These changes are also fixed in the block.  The developer receives 100% of each payment minus taxes and commission fees.  

Game search system:

This site is designed for viewing, shopping and playing games of interest to the players.  Due to the platform's ability to support various crypto-currencies, game developers themselves can change their configurations, which they are ready to accept as a payment.  In order for players to become acquainted with new games, any registered user can add a new game to the platform.  These games can not be downloaded until the developer officially gives their consent.  Players who used this information and played the game will be accounted for by a smart contract for the referral reward of the user who placed the game.  

Roadmap (action plan):

Q3 2017 Development of the EON platform concept
4th quarter of 2017 The foundation of the EON organization
1st quarter of 2018 Announcement of the EON token, the launch of the CryptoAlpaca blockchain game
Q2 2018 Integration of the EON token with the game  CryptoAlpaca, proof of the concept and development of the prototype platform EON
Q1 2019 Launch of the web version of the platform
Q3 2019 Launch of the mobile version of the EON platform

Application of EON tokens:

- Payment for purchases (of any digital assets) to developers within the platform
- Remuneration for attracting other users
- Trading (buying and selling)

Tokens EON and details

- Tokens EON - utility and the main platform currency
- Ticker (short name): EON
- Standard token: ERC20
- Price: 1 EON = 0.028 USD (0.00004760 ETH)
- Total cap (total): 2 100 000 000 EON
- Tokens for sale: 30%
- Payment method:  ETN
- Unsold sale tokens will be destroyed



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