Plentix - a platform for creating, integrating and configuring referral programs

We all heard about such an organic way of promoting business, as a referral program.  The use of which attracts potential buyers at minimum costs and increases the trust in the brand or product.  You are advised by his friend, friend, just a person whom you trust, and therefore you trust his choice.  In general, the find of a marketer.  Today, there is a difficulty in how to simply create and integrate your service, platform, application with referral programs.  Well, it's a real mess.  And today we will get acquainted with such a platform as Plentix, which miraculously will save you from all these problems.  So, let's consider in more detail.  

-What is Plentix
-Project goal
-Platform advantages
-ICO details

What is Plentix

Plentix is ​​a platform through which every business can easily create and integrate its referral program.  It will save time and effort, as well as cut some costs.  Within the framework of the platform, each of the participants will benefit from those who offer services to those who consume them and share them.  

Project goal

The goal of the Plentix project is to create a new platform that will facilitate the creation, integration and configuration of the referral program.  

Advantages of the platform

As a user of the referral program you can monitor your progress in different enterprises, but from the same account.  This can be done through an application or a website.  The whole process is absolutely simple: find, share, manage and get rewards in one place.  

A mobile application will do this from anywhere and anytime.  For developers, too, has its advantages.  The platform allows you to create your own services and integrate with referral programs simply, quickly and without worries.  When you implement your modules, functions or services on a platform, you get a reward for it in the form of tokens.  As you can see, buns will not only be for those who share links to the product, but also for everyone who participates in the platform.  

But that's not all, Plentix offers a kind of reports where you can track the effectiveness of the platform, you can see how many clients you have got thanks to the platform and where they all came from (ie, from which social network, e-mail or  messages).  This will optimize the content for each segment.  You do not have to worry that these data will be seen by outsiders, because all reports and analytics will be available on an individual key.  Yes, and in principle, all accounts are protected, you can not be afraid of an outsider interference (nobody can steal your data, somehow change them or use or harm your business).  Blasting technology helps to minimize risks.  

Yes, by the way, about safety.  Each of the users can be sure that after performing all the necessary actions (you invited a friend, he went to the link, used the discount code and bought the goods), you will definitely be paid your reward.  All operations will be controlled by smart contracts, and records of them will not be subject to change.  

ICO Details

Token: PTN
Platform: Ethereum
Softcaster: 3,000,000 USD
Hardboard: 10,000,000 USD
Presley and ICO, according to the roadmap, are scheduled for July 2018.  

The sale of tokens is one of the main and decisive moments for the successful operation of the platform.  If the hardcard is not reached, Plentix will have to compensate all payments to its users and incur losses.  So the token sales phase is very important for the platform.  But there is no reason to worry, because the platform shows good results and there is already MVP.  Tokens can be used for all interactions within the platform.  


The project site already has a link to MVP, so you can already try.  The product is already being used to sell tokens.  You can go to the link, go to the section "Selling tokens" and share with friends who will receive a discount code, and you will receive a reward for this.  Everything is simple and clear, and most importantly it shows how the platform works.  Plentix is ​​a registered platform and has all permissions for doing business, and there is licensing on the platform, which gives a guarantee to investors and users.  There is every reason to believe that the platform does not just sell good ideas, but also fulfills its promises and works well on the project.



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