So, here's another article from me about the crypto currency, or rather about the token. Today, Brickblock launched the ICO, which will last exactly 7 days. Therefore, investors, hurry up to join this interesting ICO. Here, in fact, and the site itself https://www.brickblock.io/
What does this project represent and how to seize it (I most likely will seize it with red caviar)))

How they position themselves: "Brickblock is an intellectual contract platform that allows you to sell and invest in tokened assets (such as real estate) on a block chain."
In my opinion, the application is very strong, BUT, considering who is in their development team and managers and having read the smart contract itself, I can say with certainty that this project will live and develop with leaps and bounds.
I myself was waiting for something like this for a long time, because. I myself am an investor, who invests in everything that does not move))) Real estate I was going to just do from the autumn of this year, because. at the moment I am investing in the crypto currency and ICO, but, apparently, I will begin to invest in real estate with this project already at the stage of project implementation, which is very pleasing!

Here are some project participants, you can Google them yourself:

And we continue ...
Analyzing the roadmap, then all the more I will say with confidence that all plans and steps are observed clearly and without precedents. There is really nothing to complain about.
I myself personally participate in the Airdrop where you can earn sooooo good money if you have a network of followers and you can write texts or record videos. In fact, the developers, to attract investment, have given the people to turn around, which also characterizes them as a serious project for the long term.

The coin itself is currently only $ 0.6, but the ICO will soon end and bites elbows those who are skeptical or did not have time to buy at least $ 100.
As for the sale of tokens, buying methods, prices and so on, you will find everything on the site itself.
At its core, Brickblock is a platform for exchanging assets for assets. This is similar to a currency exchange, but here, on the one hand, is a crypto currency, and with a real estate, which is subject to less volatility of prices, in contrast to the crypto-currency and tokens Brickblock, which will soon take place on the crypto-exchange. I am sure that at a price it will grow quickly and will please many fans of crypto and real estate.

On this note, I will stop in praising this unique project, and so far the only worthy attention. In conclusion, I want to say that to miss this opportunity, namely to become a member of an investment fund in real estate, and to earn money even at the start of this project is a terrible mistake (I'm talking like an investor who has already seen many projects).

thanks for attention, your MonoVar

and yes, here is the link to register at Airdrop: https://airdrop.brickblock.io/r/WejX16ffYXXOCHv8PYdyxgh17YXrFZ5s

and yes, thank you can say here
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