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 Good afternoon, fellow investors. I want to tell you about a project today .
Ubex is a decentralized advertising exchange that plans to combine neural networks with blockchain technology for effective interaction between advertisers and site owners who provide blocks for advertising on their resources, selecting the most relevant information for the visitor.

Simply, this process of advertising can be described as follows. The user goes to some site that has a slot to show ads. Further, the available data about the user from his browser are analyzed in order to determine the scope of his interests. On the basis of these data, the optimal advertising offer is selected, which will be suitable for this particular visitor of the site, and it is loaded on the page.

Now such a choice is due to the services of third parties and special agencies that provide essentially their algorithms, thus significantly increasing the cost of the process. Another significant drawback is that the fee for advertising depends significantly on the number of transitions, which creates the risk of fraud on the part of site owners with the help of markups. This leads to an increase in the profits of the owners of Internet resources, but harms advertisers, because they spend their budget for nothing.

The authors of the Ubex project offer to move to another model of efficiency analysis and, accordingly, payment for advertising because what is really important is only what the user did after clicking on the link to the advertiser's website. It is proposed to monitor user activity with respect to pre-defined scenarios, for example, registration or viewing of specific events on the site, etc.to eliminate the possibility of unfair actions on the part of advertisers, data on various activities will be recorded in the smart contract of the Ethereum blockchain.

Alpha version of the application is available at the link https://app.ubex.com 

 The platform will have two different interfaces for site owners and advertisers, where they will be able to configure key areas of interest of their resource and configure different restrictions. Almost all the necessary information is recorded in the smart contracts of the Ethereum blockchain. 

 Then begins to work artificial intelligence, filtering out the data in three stages.First, one neural network will evaluate the preferences of the user who came to the site in different categories. Then, taking into account these categories, the second neural network will select suitable candidates for advertising. And the third neural network will predict the success of advertising offers for this particular visitor, and on the basis of this forecast, and will select the desired banner.
The Ethereum blockchain was chosen by the project for the most reliable and time-tested smart contracts. In addition, the Ubex team is counting on its rapid scaling. A link to the smart contract will be available by 20.05.2018. UBEX will be an ERC-20 standard token and will serve for settlements between direct participants of the platform — owners of sites with slots for advertising and advertisers. Thus, the project tokens are payment tokens and meet all the requirements of the SEC and FINMA. 

 In addition, site owners who place ads will be able to receive additional earnings with UBEX tokens, providing statistical data on ad impressions to the platform's system core to improve its algorithms. For these purposes, the project will allocate 5% of all revenue from token transactions on the platform. 

 Since the token is a payment one, the main impact on its rate will be the total number of platform participants and their activity. Moreover, the success of the implemented tools based on artificial intelligence technology will lead to a more optimal search for advertising offers for a particular user, and, therefore, in itself will spur demand due to the rapid flow of advertising campaigns. 

 In addition, every quarter, the project plans to use 20% of the proceeds from transaction fees to redeem UBEX tokens for their subsequent destruction. This will continue until 50% of all UBEX tokens are withdrawn, which further increases the future price of UBEX. 

 Token sale
The Ubex project will not hold any bonus rounds and private presales, offering equal conditions to all ICO participants. This approach will lead to a more stable price when the UBEX token enters the exchanges and will limit the opportunities for price speculation. 

 Although the bonuses will still be present during the sale, they are aimed at a faster fundraising and look like the picture below.
The smart contract link will be available a few days before the UBEX token sale starts on may 21, 2017 and will last until August 13 of the same year or when THE maximum fundraising target of 24,000 ETH is reached. The minimum target will be 4 000 ETH. 

 The cost of one UBEX token will be 0.00001 ETH. The minimum possible Deposit amount is 0.01 ETH or equivalent BTC or LTC. 

 Investments during the first week, from 21.05 to 27.05, according to the bonus system presented above, will bring additional 20% of tokens. That is, if you invest 1 ETH, the investor will receive 100 000 UBEX plus 20 000 UBEX, accrued under the terms of the bonus system.
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