ICO Neluns Review: Development of the project and its sale of tokens

To promote cryptocurrency in the world of finance, so that it becomes more accessible to exchange any Fiat currency, a team of professionals and blockchain specialists has created a unique banking Neluns ecosystem in which rational and reliable way combined Bank, Exchange cryptocurrency and the insurance company, which together create ideal conditions for the functioning of the cryptocurrency market.  

How this ecosystem will evolve and that it is necessary for the successful establishment and implementation of all its plans, discussed below.

Project development roadmap

The project began its history in November 2017 with the gathering of the Neluns team and in December began preparation for the ICO.

In May 2018, tests of mobile applications on ICO were conducted, and in the summer began work on pre-sales of NLS tokens.

September 2018 will be saturated with the following events:

  • Will pass the main sale of tokens;
  • Mobile apps for IOS and Android will be launched;
  • The test version of Neluns Exchange and the platform for cryptocurrency interchange will be released on September 26.

In October this year, the NLS token will be listed as bittrex.com, huobi.com, kraken.com in the stock exchange.

Then, by the end of the year, the token will be traded on such exchanges as Hitbtc.com, poloniex.com, binance.com, bitfinex.com, okex.com and launched the P2P lending platform.

In January 2019, it is planned to obtain a license for Neluns Bank, start payment systems and issue their bank cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

In February will launch Neluns Exchange to Exchange cryptocurrencies and obtain a CFTC license for this activity.

In April 2019, the Neluns platform should be fully operational, and by April 2020 it will be placed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Rating of the ICO project Neluns

According to the version of the InvestFuture     

Ratings of leading agencies assess the ICO gives opportunity to objectively consider the draft for the attachment of their investment.

Social statistics

At the time of this writing, 25 September according to the coingecko.com  project was interested in social networks the following number of people: 

  • users in Telegram - 6 397
  • subscribers in Reddit -5 
  • readers in Twitter-1641 
  • views on YouTube-14676
  • Youtube subscribers -2290

Sale of tokens

The NLS token is a platform security token that is issued in circulation only during sales and its liquidity is guaranteed by the fact that it will participate in cryptocurrency exchange on the world exchanges: Bittrex, Huobi, OK-EX, HitBTC, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Binance, YoBit. The use of the token gives the following benefits to Neluns platform users:

  • In the long run to expect additional profit from the growth of its value due to the growth of the platform capitalization;
  • Receive quarterly 50% of all platform profits in accordance with the available number of own tokens;
  • Have additional discounts and bonuses.

The terms of the token sales are as follows:

  • Token: NLS
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Total tokens: 200 000 000 NLS
  • Available for Token Sale: 160 000 000 NLS (80%)
  • Payment: ETH
  • White List/KYC: Yes
  • Price ICO: 1 NLS = 1 USD, there is a bonus 
  • Soft-Cap: 10 000 000 USD
  • Hard-Сap: 112 000 000 USD
  • The main stage of the ICO sales: September 5, 2018 goda  to October 5, 2018 
  • Team Country: USA

Bonus Program:

  • With an investment of more than 1 ETH ICO-Bonus is 20%;
  • With an investment of more than 10 ETH ICO-Bonus is 25%.

The allocation of tokens is as follows:


The funds received from the sale of tokens are intended for the following purposes:

  • 80%-These fixed assets are planned to be directed to further strategic development of the Platform and its applications and for this purpose they will be invested in the development of banking software, in bank capital and in payment of insurance of the platform itself;
  • 10%-to conduct a marketing company to expand the scope of influence Neluns at the expense of new users;
  • 7%-additional funds to maintain the liquidity of the platform token;
  • 3%-for payment of legal and consultative support of the project, payment of licensing and connection to payment systems, for payment of expenses on maintenance of offices and their personnel.


The distribution of tokens during the Neluns Official Bounty Campaign in the amount of 10 000 000 NLS costing 10 000 000 USD will be held two weeks after the sale of tokens to the sites promoting the project in the following sizes:

  • 25%-Blogs/Media/2 500 000 tokens
  • 17%-Twitter/1 700 000 tokens
  • 15%-Facebook/1 500 000 tokens
  • 15%-Medium/1 500 000 tokens
  • 15%-Signature/1 500 000 tokens
  • 13%-Telegram/1 300 000 tokens  


And in conclusion 

This project presented the world with innovative solutions that make the financial sphere for every consumer convenient, safe and understandable. The project has quite good ratings in the bitcoins community, which speaks about its stability and good prospects in the future.

More detailed information about the project you can get on below official links:

Website, White paper, Bitcointalk , Bounty, MVP, Facebook, Twitter  Telegram, Medium, Youtube, Author’s account on BitcoinTalk  

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