Glitzcoin - the first diamond IT-startup!


Do you give jewelry to your women?
My wife is very fond of jewelry. She has a variety of jewelry, including diamonds. I like to give her jewelry, because I like to see my woman happy.
We are given a certificate for a gemstone at the store when we buy diamond and other real gemstones.
Unfortunately, the presence of the document does not guarantee the authenticity of the stone.
My friend once bought a diamond necklace for his wife. She took the necklace to an independent expert, and he said it wasn't diamonds, it was cubic Zirconia.
This is not the only case in our country.
In General, the whole business on diamonds is not transparent. And it remains only to rely on the honesty of transactions.
I am very pleased that now there is such a technology as blockchain. And it allows many areas of our lives to make transparent and decentralized.
Now Glitzcoin company enters the market of IT-startups. This company has set its task to carry out all operations of the diamond industry through the blockchain from the stage of diamond production to the sale of a diamond to a retail buyer. Glitzcoin runs on the Stellar blockchain.
Now, buying a diamond in the store, you can find out: where the diamond was mined, what factory it was processed and what store bought it.


Diamond business includes various related services (transportation, insurance). These services are provided by intermediaries at an additional cost. The advantage of Glitzcoin is that the project integrates all related services into the platform free of charge and does not charge additional fees.
Glitzcoin is not tokenization diamonds. Glitzcoin is a utility token.
The blockchain technology will allow to remove all unnecessary documents and integrate into the diamond business in an absolutely comfortable way.
Glitzcoin also positions itself as an exchange. You will be able to become an investor and buy a small part of a large diamond with the help of a smart contract. This is called "equity investment". The moment a trader orders the delivery of a diamond, the smart contract changes to the delivery contract status. When the trader gets the diamond, the smart contract is from the register.
That's cool!
Because before, only very experienced dealers and professional experts could afford to work and invest in precious stones.
"Equity investment" in diamonds will be a very attractive investment for men. And the purchase of diamond products as a whole as jewelry will be very attractive for women.
Therefore, I believe that this IT-startup is very prescient.
I also liked the Glitzcoin project, which aims to use blockchain technology and smart contracts to work with other precious stones!
This is a very cool idea!
In the future, we will be able to invest in large precious stones and not only in diamonds.
A team of experienced. Diamond professionals with more than 20 years of experience, including Russian representatives. Specialists working with IT-technologies with many years of experience.
Now Glitzcoin holds an ICO. This is the opportunity to purchase tokens to enter the stock market. This procedure attracts many investors, because at this moment you can buy tokens with bonuses and it is likely that the price of one token will be cheaper than when entering the exchange.
Therefore, investors who are already sure that they like the startup and the technology can immediately participate in the ICO.
To participate in the ICO, such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Stellar (XLM) are accepted.
The minimum amount to participate is the equivalent of 100 USD.
If you want to participate in the ICO via Bank transfer, then the minimum amount for participation will be 10,000 USD.


The project is interesting and promising!

More information about the project below:
ANN thread:

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