The CMC Ecosystem has been designed and developed with the investor in mind, when investing in CMC you will be part of all its products and part of the whole Ecosystem, all revenues, profit shares will benfit the investor. 5% of the evry company that join's the CMC Ecosystem, 20% of evry network transaction, percentage in CMC ecosystem based on your investement and revenue based on your investment. The functioning of CMC ecosystem will be powered by the CMC utility token. The token will also serve as a payment for all related services for the issuance within the ecosystem. Therefore, investors and businesses will be using the CMC token. The creation of token on our Blockchain will provide users the benefit of the use of the whole eco system but not limited to use only, however listings a guaranteed and included in the price if the full service is used.
02.11.2018 - 31.12.2018
Campaign Budget
50K USD worth of CMC tokens.
Budget allocation
Signature: 10%, Twitter: 20%, Facebook: 20%, Translation/Moderation: 10%, Blog/Article/Youtube: 20%, Telegram: 5%, Airdrop: 5%, Reserved: 10%.
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Anton Kozyrev
На Golos с 2017 M01

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