SportsPodium is a transparent blockchain-based sports community. We apply blockchain technology to unlock undervalued and previously un- monetised aspects in sports. We will reward aspiring athletes of all ages, across all levels of proficiency, with crypto-based rewards for tracking their day-to-day commitment to their sports and fitness activities. This information will be accumulated into a transparent and credible global sports database that will completely disrupt the current flow of funds and talent. We are building an open platform where any sports application can potentially join the ecosystem via our platform’s API which enables us to incentivise 3rd party userbases.
27.11.2018 - 25.12.2018
Campaign Budget
200k POD.
Budget allocation
Telegram: 5%, Facebook: 10%, Twitter: 10%, Youtube: 15%, Signature: 25%, Translations: 10%, Steemit: 5%, Reddit: 5%, Content: 15%.
Bounty manager
mr.zet (;u=963400)
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0.278 GOLOS
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Anton Kozyrev
На Golos с 2017 M01

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