Healthy Eating Chinese Cabbage (Properties and Benefits of Healthy Eating)

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Are you familiar with the following sentence? A healthy diet! Undoubtedly heard many times heard this sentence, What is a healthy diet?

A healthy diet is to eat different foods every day that contribute to your body nutrients, something that the body needs to be well, lucid, and energetic. Healthy foods are those that provide your body with proteins, carbohydrates, fats, water, vitamins and minerals.

A correct nutrition, added to a physical activity, contributes to maintain a healthy body and without overweight, in a certain way we are what we eat, the foods have the ability to influence your immune system and can affect your mood and your energy, something vital to keep the mind fresh and healthy.

I invite you to know all the properties and benefits of Chinese cabbage

The Chinese cabbage plant is well known in much of the world, by its scientific name "Brassica rapa, ssp. Pekinensis "has its ancestry in the families of the" Brassicales "belonging to the genus" Brassica "of the species" B. rapa "Better known as Chinese cabbage or Chinese cabbage.

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This vegetable is very appreciated by the growers for its edible leaves, although it is known in much of the world, are more frequent in their place of origin "China" other countries where its planting stands out, "Austria, Spain and Holland "The countries that stand out in production are.

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  1. "China"
  2. "Russia"
  3. "India"
  4. "Korea"
  5. "Japan"
  6. "U.S"
  7. "Poland"
  8. "Indonesia"
  9. "Ukraine"
  10. "Romania"

There are several species of Chinese cabbage and they are classified by their planting time:

"Early Chinese Cabbage"

  • "Nagaoka"
  • "Spring"
  • "Hong Kong"

"Chinese Cabbage Semittaries"

  • "Kasumi"
  • "Yoko"
  • "Okido"

"Late Chinese Cabbage"

  • "Snow Mountain"
  • "Tardisto"

Chinese cabbage is very versatile when it comes to cooking, it is highly appreciated by the international chef for its great ability to adapt in cooking, you can eat raw, steamed, grill, oven, pickled. It allows the preparation of hundreds of recipes and you can take advantage of the whole plant.

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"Chinese cabbage salad"


"Sautéed Chinese cabbage"


"Chinese cabbage soup"


"Stuffed Chinese cabbage rolls"


"Wok of Chinese cabbage and prawns"


You should know that by ingesting this vegetable you are incorporating many benefits in your body, vitamins and minerals very healthy for your body such as:

  1. "Sodium"
  2. "Calcium"
  3. "Iron"
  4. "Magnesium"
  5. "Match"
  6. "Potassium"
  7. Vitamin A, B1, B3, B12, C

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The periodic consumption of this vegetable, in addition to vitamins and minerals, provides many benefits for our body, Chinese cabbage has healing properties very beneficial for our health, regular consumption prevents many diseases.

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  • If you want to prevent or lower blood cholesterol, you should include this vegetable in your daily diet, the regular consumption of Chinese cabbage helps the blood flow better, making your heart feel healthy.
  • By consuming regularly, you make this vegetable promote the "collagen", which contributes to better maintain your "skin", besides its "nutrients" will protect you from the damages caused by the sun
  • If you are one of the people who want to maintain a good figure, or lose weight, without doubt should incorporate Chinese cabbage into your daily diet, its consumption causes satiety and is low in "calories"

Now that you know the benefits of the consumption of the "Chinese Cabbage" that you think, or how many times you will consume this wonderful product

  • Once a month
  • Once a week
  • Once a day

If you want to know more about the medical and scientific specifications and the benefits that the consumption of this plant brings, you just have to enter the links that I leave below.

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Very Important: This publication is a compilation of information from different pages, in order to inform the properties of different fruits, vegetables or other foods. Do not make any determination based on this report, without first consulting with a nutrition or health professional.

The Pixabay images are under the CC0 Creative Commons, Free for commercial use. No recognition is necessary.

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