Healthy Eating (Properties and Benefits of Tangerine)

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Are you familiar with the following sentence? A healthy diet! Undoubtedly heard many times heard this sentence, What is a healthy diet?

A healthy diet is to eat different foods every day that contribute to your body nutrients, something that the body needs to be well, lucid, and energetic. Healthy foods are those that provide your body with proteins, carbohydrates, fats, water, vitamins and minerals.

A correct nutrition, added to a physical activity, contributes to maintain a healthy body and without overweight, in a certain way we are what we eat, the foods have the ability to influence your immune system and can affect your mood and your energy, something vital to keep the mind fresh and healthy.

I invite you to know all the properties and benefits of mandarin

The plant of this fruit is well known in much of the world, its scientific name is "Citrus reticulata var. Clementina "has its ancestry in the families of the" hesperidios "is better known as mandarin, very appreciated among the citrus varieties, farmers sow them for their fruits that have an enormous commercial potential.

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The origin of this fruit is ambiguous, there are those who consider that it is native to "Southeast Asia" while others claim that it comes from southwest China. However, in China its remote cultivation is practiced, its introduction in the world is a whole history, starting from China, then to "Southeast Asia" Japan, Italy Malta "The main Exporting countries are

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  1. "Spain"
  2. "U.S"
  3. "Morocco"
  4. "South Africa"
  5. "Greece"
  6. "Egypt"
  7. "Holland"
  8. "Turkey"
  9. "Israel"
  10. "Italy"

This fruit has many varieties and they are classified into three large groups to identify them

"Satsuma mandarins"

  • "Owari"
  • "Clausellina"
  • "Okitsu Wase" '

"Clementine mandarins"

  • "Fine"
  • "Clemenules"
  • "Oroval"
  • "Marisol"
  • "Oronules"
  • "Esbal"
  • "Clemenpons"
  • "Loretina"
  • "Hernandina"

"Common mandarins"

  • "Ortanique"

Mandarins are one of the most persecuted citrus fruits for diners and confectioners, it is a very versatile fruit in confectionery, appreciated by international confectioners when choosing fruits for their elaborations, you can consume raw, cooked, juices, smoothies There are hundreds of recipes where tangerine can be incorporated

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"Flan Tangerine"


"Tangerine jelly with chocolate truffles"


"Tangerines cupcake"


"Tangerine pudding"


"Chicken in mandarin sauce"


"Partridge to the tangerine"


"Salad of mandarin, grapefruit and prawns"

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The mandarin as well as tasty is very healthy for our body, by ingesting this fruit we are incorporating many benefits for our health, consume mandarins incorporated into the body


  1. "Potassium"
  2. "Calcium"
  3. "Match"
  4. "Magnesium"
  5. "Sodium"
  6. "Iron"
  7. "Selenium"
  8. "Zinc"
  9. "Vitamins A, B, B1, B3, B5, B6, C, E"

We all know that tangerines are one of the tastiest citrus fruits, as well as exquisite, it has healing powers, the regular consumption of tangerines provides many benefits, by ingesting vitamins and minerals healthy for the human body.

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  • If you suffer from conditions related to influenza congestion, you should consider including more mandarins to your diet, in regular consumption of this fruit contributes to the immune system, also contains "vitamin C" that strengthens the body against possible cold.
  • The regular consumption of mandarin helps to have a healthier heart, its potassium content makes "natural diuretic" another agent is the "hesperidin" that contributes protecting the "blood vessels" and the "pectin" fights the bad "cholesterol" , contributing to reduce "cardiovascular diseases"

Now that you know the benefits of the consumption of blackcurrants, what you think, or how many times you will consume this wonderful product

  • Once a month
  • Once a week
  • Once a day

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Very Important: This publication is a compilation of information from different pages, in order to inform the properties of different fruits, vegetables or other foods. Do not make any determination based on this report, without first consulting with a nutrition or health professional.

The Pixabay images are under the CC0 Creative Commons, Free for commercial use. No recognition is necessary.

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