How to make your iPhone photos look like DSLR/Analog Quality!

The iPhone is a powerful tool that we all seem to underestimate, I wanted to share my top 3 FREE app's to download in the app store to make your photos look just as good as a DSLR and replicate the analog Film look. Camera's on Phone's are getting better and better every year you would be shocked with some of the photos I've taken and your wouldn't even tell what camera i used.

Its not all about having the best equipment, talent cant be bought its given! If you believe in something you can make it come true no matter what comes your way we all fall and get right back up. Mistakes are made to happen to learn from and grow out of!



VSCO is my #1 iPhone app that I use all the time but to be honest not enough as I should. Allot of people just think that a iPhone is not that good quality but I've seen some amazing photos taken by some talented photographer all around the world, If you know the right apps to use then you can replicate styles, Like I did in the photo above I used a preset made by VSCO then tweaked it up a little to make it my own so it look more grainy like a old analog photo.

You would be amazed with some of the photos I've taken and some work I've seen on social media from all around the world and how a camera and one app can inspire others to pick up new talents and share there surroundings in a snap of a finger while inspiring others clear across the world! Never give up in yourself and don't think that you need expensive gear to become successful we all have to start somewhere make the best of what you have!

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Location: San Francisc, California
Camera: Apple iPhone 6+
Lens: iPhone
Edited: VSCO iPhone app

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