A old medlar tree......picturesque scene..Original Content with 2 HQ Pictures by Germanlifestyle

Last year I discovered this tree by accident.This tree is still rare to see, because it is here and actually cultivated in all Germany hardly.
The talk is of the Medlar Tree.I must stand which I first not at all what this tree acted and I first questioned the fruits to look like mini apples.
But then it came to my mind that it could be a medlar tree and my research confirmed the suspicion yes it is a medlar tree.Friends I tell you the fruits are mine, for as soon as I have time I will reap the fruits.
Here is some information about the Mispelbaum:
The medlar (Mespilus germanica) is a plant species of the core orchids (Pyrinae) in the family of the rose plants (Rosaceae). It is a summer-green tree with a crooked stem and broad crown, the fruits of which are edible.

The mispel tree is small in size and gives a height of approx. 5 m.
The German medlar blooms in May and early June.
The apple fruits are ripe towards the end of October, beginning of November.
Today, the medlar for the production of fruit are cultivated again to a greater extent around Lake Lucerne in the Innerschweiz. In Germany several medlar incidences are promoted by the City of Heidelberg in a conservation program.
I am delighted to have discovered this beautiful tree and to share it with you in this picturesque picture.

Content and Pictures by Germanlifestyle

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