A small village prison from the 16th century..Небольшая деревенская тюрьма XVI века.Original Content by Germanlifestyle

A district in Frankfurt am Main Germany is called Niederursel.
Niederursel is historically very shaped and has its own special history like many other villages and cities.
Written by Niederursel in 1132 his first mention. The small dark dungeon of 1600 in the church wall served as a village prison.What happened behind this wall, I would rather not imagine.

The poet Ludwig Scharf (1864-1938) wrote a poem about the captivity.

Yes, just beast in your chains, beast:
From this dungeon you will never be free,
Because this bone structure surrounds your life
Like a panzer-like bastion.
And never break the throbbing of your heart
The belt ring, which surrounds your chest,
And no cognition urges your skull,
That a ray flows from the sky.
Death alone, death will give you the door
Open to eternity and over the world!
But do not trust the proud words,
It must melt your ego in space!

Область во Франкфурте-на-Майне называется Нидерварзель.
Niederursel исторически очень своеобразен и имеет много других деревень и городов.
Написано Нидерурзелем в 1132 году, его первое упоминание. Небольшая темная подземелье 1600 года в церкви служила деревенской тюрьмой. Я не хочу изображать, что произошло за этой стеной.

Content and Picture by Germanlifestyle

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