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Today I would like to present you a beautiful bird that was voted bird of the year in Germany in 1973 and 2009. We are talking about the beautiful kingfisher.

Just today I had taken a walk along a course of the stream as suddenly a kingfisher flew past me. You recognize him immediately by his striking blue top plumage. As fast as he was there, he was also awake again. But sometimes you get lucky and catch him when he is resting on a branch and looking for the opportunity to chase a small sparrow or a roach. Often the attempt for the kingfisher is unsuccessful but if it works it is a spectacle in itself, if he the fish against the branch or even a stone beats to kill or stun him.

The kingfisher is about 17 cm tall anduncompatible with his thick head and short tail. The iridescent colors are unique in the Kingfisher. Depending on the sun and plumage, they look different, the back then shines from blue to turquoise and the bottom of red to rust-brown.
Since he flies very fast, you only recognize him when he is already over, but you take all the more his shrill call true that he constantly gives ... a rental-tiet-tiet-tiet.

On a steep wall of clay or hard sand is the best breeding ground it should be unbewachsen, dry and inside of obstructive roots. The kingfisher digs in the upper section with the beak a Höhle.Man can be seen on the strong Kotausfluss whether the cave is still inhabited if you ever need to discover it. Even if the kingfisher's stocks have recovered a bit, there is still no escape and the kingfisher therefore also enjoys special protection.

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