Photoshooting with a Chimpanzees Family. Фотосъемка с семьей шимпанзе.Original Content with 10 HQ Pictures by Germanlifestyle

Today we talk about the chimpanzees, I can tell you I had a huge fun when I made the pictures, in the enclosure was really something going on.
Now a few dates to this great animal.
Chimpanzees are native to central Africa, from Senegal via Nigeria and the north and east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Uganda and Tanzania.Common chimpanzees are more flexible than other human beings with respect to their habitat and inhabit both rainforests and dry, tree-infested savannahs.

Chimpanzees can search for food both on the ground and on the trees, but this is usually done on trees. Their food intake is as follows.
56-71% fruit; 18-21% leaves; 11-23% other plant parts such as herbs, nuts, bark, seeds;
0.1-4% of animals including termites, ants, smaller monkeys or pigs, bushbucks.
Body length: males approx. 120 cm
Female about 113 cm
Weight: Male about 37-90 kg
Female about 30-47 kg
Reproduction can occur throughout the year. The sexual maturity occurs at 7 to 9 years, the first reproduction is due to the group behavior, however, much later, while the common chimpanzee is around 13 to 16 years. Your life expectancy is about 30 in the wilderness -40 years in human hat over 50 years.

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