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Spring life at the lake..Impressions Original Content with 3 HQ Pictures by Germanlifestyle

A few days ago a breath of spring was in the air. The birds sing their melodies. On the trees, the squirrels run around the tree.The nature breathes and is ready to receive the spring.For me there was no hold anymore i had to take a breath out.My goal of the old lake in the park there is always new to discover.The day is perfect there will be plenty of life on the lake.The old pond there I was as a child very often. A contemplative place to be close to nature.

Ducking couples turn their circles

I leave my look in the search for the old bank on which I have already sat as a child and watched the rain drifting on the lake

It is nice to be calm and with the feeling of becoming one, the stress forgotten to the side

I hope that you through the impressions also a feeling of serenity.

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By Germanlifestyle

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