The moose in the Wildpark Hanau Germany.. лось в Диком Парке Ханау Германия Original Content with 7 HQ Pictures by Germanlifestyle

Last year I visited the Wildpark in Hanau near Frankfurt am Main Germany
If you live close to the I can recommend a visit.
It is an experience many wild animals close up to experience. On an animal I was especially pleased the it is really a gigantic animal and xchwer before the camera to get. Difficult to get a photo is the fact that an elk is very large but denoch always very hidden in the thicket.

However, my wish was to come true but I had to use the colossus to get a trick on the legs. When I discovered the elk he made a nap and was behind a small feeding point only to see half. But I wanted an elk in full stature in front of the lens and so I thought of myself as I bring the colossus to the legs. Then came the idea on the Internet the original elk call down to kaden and loud play. See there suddenly the elk awoke from its deep sleep and presented itself in full splendor and am pleased to present you exclusively these pictures. Have fun with it.

Content and Pictures by Germanlifestyle

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