Monochrome of earth crafts without evil

Source: Family album

Good morning to all the readers of This is my participation in "Tuesday black and white images day". We are people who love family walks, an excellent way to stimulate family ties.

Our outings have become a classic, the most grateful is my granddaughter Abigail, is expectant to the arrival of the weekend, everything suggests that they will be fun days. These walks are special to invest some money in it, I say invest and not an expense, make a child grow happy is to invest in the future of the child, if a child grows happy, is more likely to be a better person, grow without remorse and happy makes the child when he grows up do not keep inside a sad life full of remorse.

Our city hosts beautiful places where you can visit, one of them is the square where the commercial activity of Corrientes artisans is developed, a huge place, destined to all kinds of exhibitions, artisans come from all over the province and meet in this plaza on weekends, for artisans their products are their livelihood, the province grants public spaces for them to exhibit their crafts.

This is an ideal walk to do as a family, the diversity of the presentations if they allow it, many artists take advantage of the space to exhibit their works, where they express their feelings or their ideals. Those who know about art come to grasp what the artist has captured in his work and are the motive for long talks on techniques to understand the expression of the artist.

Corrientes artisans dedicate a lot of time to the creation of their works, they are works done by hand or with the help of some manual machine, there are no works made in series or industrialized, they are people with great knowledge of chiseling and drawing techniques, they also use These crafts to express your feelings.

Our artisans are people who use our music (the chamame) as a source of inspiration, Corrientes folklore is rich in history and history is based on elements of our land, such as the yacaré, the dorado, the pombero or wild animals such as yaguareté or aguara, are elements that our artisans use to shape their material, be it clay or chiseled wood.

As you can see, our family walks are not a simple walk, in addition to affirming the family bond, we remember our stories through crafts.

The land without evil houses precious things!

I wish you a happy day and a prosperous week

The images correspond to the family album

The camera used Nikon Coolpix B500

Thank you for your visit

Jose Luis


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