Monument in honor of the Mothers of the earth without evil The competition of @lira "Monuments and fountains in the city"

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Good morning to all the readers of This is my participation in the contest made by @lira In the slogan "Monuments and sources in the city" For more information enter here

I want to start by thanking @lira, juries and sponsors for appreciating and rewarding my work. This award is very important to me. Economically it is a great help, since I live from what gender on the web, but beyond the economic, it is a huge motivation and a great commitment at the same time, in giving and giving the best of me in every post I publish. This image corresponds to the Monument in honor of the Mothers, located in the city of Corrientes

In my country mothers are revered a lot, beyond what love for the word mother means, our mothers earned this veneration for their actions through history. My country Argentina, for many years was the victim of many invasions, Spanish, English and Paraguayan. Mother Argentina throughout this period came to defend the country, at the time we were invaded by the English, our mothers defended our people by throwing hot water on the invaders, a true and surprising fact of our history.

The first monument to the Mothers was inaugurated in the "Province of Buenos Aires", in the town of Diagonal ("La Plata") in the year "1961" in the neighborhood "Los Hornos" in the square baptized as "Plaza de the mothers". The original monument represents a mother breastfeeding her child, while feeding her baby perches sitting on a large base of material a meter high, an imposing figure of two meters.

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Each province of my country has its own monument to the mother, each of them is different from the other, but all of them express the same thing: love, respect, understanding, wisdom, empathy. Our monument is white, symbolizing the purity of a mother, poses comfortably on a staircase, a monument built in material of more than a meter and a half, making a total of three meters. This place is a meeting place for family and friends, as we can see in the image, it does not matter what time you visit, it is always very crowded, behind the Paraná River and the imposing waterfront.

The monument of our mother is twice as special, in a certain media it represents the brave women who defended our town in the several wars that we had to suffer to conquer the square. She is pure and simple, she sits comfortably seated, barefoot and with her head up, her gaze tender and at the same time rude and insensitive, protecting in her arms her most beloved being. Her son from Corrientes!

I want to express my gratitude to @lira for the invitation to participate in the slogan. Monuments and fountains of my city!

Thank you very much for the company on this beautiful walk through my City of Corrientes, especially the Sponsors and juries of the contest:










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The images correspond to the family album

The camera used Nikon Coolpix B500

Thank you for your visit

Jose Luis

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