Monuments With stories of the earth without evil The competition of @lira "Monuments and fountains in the city"

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Good morning to all the readers of This is my participation in the contest made by @lira In the slogan "Monuments and sources in the city" For more information enter here

"Corrientes is the blood of their men and the pain of their women" these words are the ones printed on the cover's monument. This time I want to invite you to know a little of the history that my beautiful city keeps, This monument is installed in an emblematic park of my city, the "Miter Park", the original name of the park is "Battery Park" in commemoration to the battery field that worked in the place during the war that we had with the brother country of Paraguay, one of the many wars that we had to defend our town.

This monument represents the captives. The captives were five women taken in captivity during the triple alliance war. In the year 1865, the city of Corrientes was the victim of an invasion provoked by Paraguayan soldiers. These five women belonged to the high society of our city, they were kidnapped in absences of their husbands, the women were put in captivity in a local jail, then they took her to Paraguay where they remained captive for more than four years, it is not necessary to say all the things that had to happen and endure these brave women of my town.

The Miter Park is a huge property located in the heart of Corrientes city, home to hundreds of leafy trees, including the tree of the drunkard, the white tree and the gomero of India, a true icon of my land, inside it keeps beautiful murals, Reminder plates, monoliths and a large obelisk dedicated to General Miter, a hero of my land. This monument was inaugurated in 1941, was made in stone and bronze, the imposing monument is 18 meters high, the sculpture of the general is 4 meters and is positioned at 6 meters

I want to express my gratitude to @lira for the invitation to participate in the slogan. Monuments and fountains of my city!

Thank you very much for the company on this beautiful walk through my City of Corrientes, especially the Sponsors and juries of the contest:










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The images correspond to the family album

The camera used Nikon Coolpix B500

Thank you for your visit

Jose Luis

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