Relay colors yellow .Wednesday yellow My granddaughter abigail

Source: Family Album - Montajes Pixiz

Good morning dear readers of

The yellow color represents happiness, prosperity, helps to express our feelings, a yellow environment is ideal for communication between people. If you have problems with communication, redecorate your yellow environments.

I am a grandfather of a beautiful girl. Abigail, she is in the stage of exploring everything, she is discovering things, she does the same as her mom Brenda, she likes to dress up and play with her mother's paintings.

I hope the images are to your liking

I wish you a beautiful yellow Wednesday!

In this image it plays to be big, it is disguised with a yellow shirt and it controls in the mirror if it is done well

In this image you have a puppy costume

In this image, she shows how she changes her appearance with makeup and that she is only three years old, what this girl will be when she turns fifteen.

In this image, she presumes that she is the standard bearer of the garden, as was her mother, the other girl who is at her side

Finally it shows us how happy he feels in the player

The images correspond to the family album
The camera used Sansung 12.2 mega pixel.

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