Мечта о животе



Indicates in the dream of those who sleep or come out of it. It indicates the prison, the grave, the secret, the health, the sincerity and the friend.
And he turned his stomach in a dream, and his king was disrupted by his benefit, and perhaps revealed his secret. Or if his wife is pregnant, and if a pregnant woman comes out of her to carry her, if something comes out of his bowels, his prisoner is released.

If he loses his belly, his friend, his guardian, or the ruler will die for his money, and he may sacrifice and worship and leave food and drink.
If a person who eats from the forbidden utensils indicates that he is zakat in it, if he walks on his stomach in a dream, it indicates his anger and his pursuit of the people on the fullness of his stomach. Belly and belly of the valley.
Perhaps the abdomen in the interpretation is evidence of the evidence of the thigh of the clan and tribe.

And perhaps pointed to the belly. And to enter the abdomen travel or prison. If he sees in his stomach a chastisement or a blood test, it indicates that he is exposed to what is not permissible for him to eat or eat. And that his stomach is good, or that he is a great man who is not a fan of the body, and he is the flag and the president.

Perhaps the belly pointed to the hypocrisy in religion, and hypocrisy and hatred and hypocrisy of the apparent and soles of money and child. Whoever sees that his stomach is small will lose his money or his child.

And he saw that he was great, and he made more money or his son. And if he sees that his stomach is empty, he is deprived of his wealth or his child. It was said: Be free from the belly of the no man. The belly may be a man's ship, so what he saw from an accident is an accident in his ship.

He saw that in his mother's womb he was in another country and returned to his place and his birthplace, although he was ill and buried in the ground, although he was sentenced to imprisonment. And the belly shows the house of man and his cubs, and his son gave birth to him, his heart was his son, his servant was his servant or his daughter, and his bag was broken, and his life was sealed. And he saw that his heart was destroyed, and he was sick in the belly.

If he sees that he has built or repaired the horizons of his fault if he completed the structure, otherwise it will remain as old as the rest of the structure. And the man's belly is his ship, his head is his heart, and his throat is his horn, and his ribs are his walls.
And whoever saw his stomach was torn apart, and his companions fell on his ship. It was said that the bone of the stomach ate riba and walking on the belly rely on money.

Я никогда не мечтал о желудке, или я не помню?

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