python-steemlib ==> python-goloslib

Hi, I will be working on python-goloslib this week. The post is in English as my Russian is still not good enough. I am learning hard from though.

I already asked python-steemlib author @xeroc about the current fork here

and created an initial forked repository here:

After the implementation of the wrapper is completed and Golos team will approve it may be merged into GolosChain's GitHub.

While I can do the implementation and testing I will need help with translation to Russian of the documentation in rst files and examples like in the code example:

I do not know if Golos team has time for it but you can also help!

Just submit a pull request for Russian translation to translation-russian branch. I will merge it and later apply to the master branch after wrapper is completed.

Feel free to translate the announcement to Russian and drop me the link.

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