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Today I will review the decentralized data platform. It will collect various information from mobile applications and then process and analyze it. All of this will be done to transfer data to customers in a simple and accessible way. Swipe will provide us with alternative opportunities to use information from users of application developers without intermediaries.

** Introduction.**
Despite the fact that when collecting information about the user due to a large number of sources creates a complete picture of the user, the progress of data exchange is very slow. This happens for the most part because of this:

  1. There is no single goal for both sides. Information providers are not paid due to payment for information.
  2. There is no trust between information providers by their buyers.
  3. The whole industry is centralized and monopolized by several companies.
  4. Companies mediators are present in the market and raise prices because of the commission, they also store all the data.
    Based on research, it can be said that the lack of transparency leads to wasted funds for malfeasance advertising. According to the forecast, in 2021 such costs will exceed 11 billion dollars. Usually, data is sold in secret from users and in this case, about 30 percent of information is indicated by people at random. The present owner of the information does not receive any payments for his information and uncovers his data provided.

    Objectives and features of the project.
    The project creates a decentralized blockchain platform on which data from mobile applications will be collected and paid. The platform will allow excluding such a serious problem as poor-quality data from intermediaries who take a commission. The platform will provide an SDK that can be embedded into any application. Data for the digital era is now as oil for the industrial. In the current century, these users need all modern companies to competitiveness and improve the efficiency of their products. Why do they need this information? When you are looking for something in Google or write something in Facebook, it's all stored and later used to determine what you are interested in. Then it is sold to the target companies that will provide you with the product. This is good and bad. Well, it's because the user offers interesting products. Bad because the user can not control his personal information, which sells. Swipe will provide an opportunity for users to decide what information can be shared, and what is not. Data buyers will be able to acquire information through a transparent market.

    The platform will have such a number of technologies:
  • SWIPE Push. It makes it possible to turn the lock on and off.
  • SWIPE Ads. Allows you to control which adver36.2
  • tisement should be shown and which one should not be displayed. In addition, thanks to this, users will decide how much their information is worth. Payment occurs only through the project's tokens.
  • SWIPE Marketplace. Create premium content.
  • SWIPE Mission. It makes it possible for users to earn money through simple actions, such as filling out a survey, switching to a website, etc.
    At the time of writing, there was no detailed information about the sale. Type of token- ERC20. The number of tokens will be 100 million.

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