Кто хочет стать миллиардером ?


In the near 2010, an American eagerly wanted pizza. For the sake of joking, he wished to pay 10 thousand
conventional units of crypto-currency. At that time it was only 40-50 dollars. Today this whole condition is more than 9.5 million dollars. This was the most expensive pizza in the history of mankind. If he knew that investments in crypto currency could bring such money ...

What it is?

Investing in this direction can be very profitable, but you need to understand what the crypto currency is. Regardless of the type, a cryptographic currency is an electronic monetary unit. Its peculiarity is that the issue (in this case, mining, from the English word mine - mine) proceeds without any external or internal control. The emission process is very complex and it is unlikely to be understood by a person without special training. But it is important that the amount of funds for the main crypto currency is limited, so they are not afraid of inflation. On the contrary, every year the value of a unit increases. For example, the latest issue of the most popular electronic currency is scheduled for 2131, so now is the time to join the system.

The algorithm for issuing virtual money is constructed in such a way that every 4 years the number of issued crypto-deniers decreases by 2 times. So by 2020, ¾ of the most popular crypto currency (bitcoin and lightcoin) will be released. In fairness, it should be noted that there are currencies with unlimited emissions, but they are not so popular.


No state or credit system can affect payments and transactions involving electronic currencies. This leads to the irreversibility of payments. No one can dispute, cancel or force a transaction. Moreover, a purse with a cryptographic currency is not tied to the owner's identity, that is, there is no need to indicate your actual data.


In order to choose which real-money investment to invest in, it is necessary to get acquainted with its types. There are more than 2 thousand types of cryptographic currencies. The most popular of them are given below.

Bitcoin. The first and most famous electronic currency. Limit of release - 21 million pieces. The cost is constantly growing
Ethereum. The issue limit is unlimited. By the way, the project was founded by 20-year-old Russian programmer Vitalik Buterin.
Ripple. Does not have an emission limit.
Litecoin. The emission scheme is similar to bitcoins. The limit is 84 million.
Peercoin. Has no upper limit.
NXT. The limit of output is 1 billion units.
Namecoin. Has no limitations in emissions.


After choosing an investment object, you need to understand how to exchange real money for electronic money. Cryptographic money is an electronic financial instrument that has no material form. For this reason, and all exchangers of electronic currencies exist in the Global Network. The most popular exchanges for sale and circulation:

They are all foreign and adapted to the English-speaking user, but in Russia there are many exchanges of intermediaries who are willing to work for a certain reward. As a rule, money can be transferred to one of the crypto-currencies through electronic payment systems (Webmoney, Qiwi) or even from a normal bank card. Further, the investor acts on the well-established scheme of the game on the stock exchange. He chooses one of the main strategies and tactics of behavior:

Conservative strategy.
Moderate strategy.
Aggressive tactics.
In any case, the investor earns on the difference in rates. The choice depends on what goals he pursues.

Other ways of capitalization

In addition to the traditional way to invest in crypto currency, there are several alternative schemes:

Mining. This is a direct issue of funds. However, it requires enormous amounts of technical equipment and electricity, but this method guarantees a greater profit than the elementary speculation on the exchange.
Cryptocrats. An easier way. It is similar to affiliate advertising: for each viewing of the commercial you can get a certain amount of crypto currency. Of course, the reward for watching commercials is small, but there are several similar sites, which in sum can give a good result.
Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other financial instrument, the Crypto currency has its pros and cons.


Impossibility to freeze or suspend the operation of the electronic wallet.
Inability to track payments.
No commission.
In most cases - the absence of inflation.

No possibility to suspend payment.
There is no control over emissions, cross-border transfers and the organization of trades.
High fluctuation of the course.
Lack of security.
There are also several controversial factors:

Anonymity. Guarantees 100% tax evasion, but it is not safe from the point of view of hacker break-ins and bankruptcy of exchanges.
Absence of a centralized system. The emission process is programmed, it can not be changed or stopped.

Of course, electronic currencies are an attractive financial product. Since the creation of the electronic money system, the return on investments is more than 1000 percent. However, the Russian state does not have a clear opinion on the use and issue of electronic money. From 2014 to this day, the position has changed several times: from a complete ban on the use and circulation of electronic money (up to criminal punishment and deprivation of liberty for up to 4 years) prior to the legalization of crypto-currencies and their recognition as a new payment instrument.


Now the question is whether to invest or not in the cryptocurrency???

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