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KripCoin was created to meet the needs of over 5 million prison inmates throughout the state and federal prison system. KripCoin is a means for inmates to trade for anything of value within the prison walls.

We have collected thousands of letters from inmates across the U.S. responding to our initial letters about our cryptocurrency, as well as how it works. We keep in constant communication with them through a monthly news letters as a way of gaining valuable insight and feedback so we can improve how KripCoin will work and as to our launch of the coin.

We have offered the inmates who pre join KripCoin 250 tokens that will be exchanged for coins when we officially launch. We also have a referral program that offers 50 additional tokens for referrals to use KripCoin. During this pilot period, inmates have already been activity trading the tokens which somehow they have created an inherent value for.

In addition to keeping close contact with our inmate pilot users, we have also been in contact with a few warden’s and their staff across the country who praise the idea of KripCoin and believe that this cryptocurrency has great value and use for inmates.

Currently, we are working on a beta system that involves the installation of a computer system inside of a prison. This system will enable inmates to transfer the coins as well as to see the current prices.

KripCoin is already being used by inmates in 9 of the top 10 prisons in the U.S.:

– Rikers Island

– Louisiana State Penitentiary

– Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary

– Folsom State Prison

– Attica Correctional Facility

– San Quentin State Prison

– Sing Sing State Prison

– United States Penitentiary Marion

– Pelican Bay State Prison

This digital currency enables inmates across the country to transfer KripCoins between themselves within the prison walls as well as to other inmates throughout the United States prison system--all in just a matter of minutes.

Not only will KripCoin be of great benefit to inmates, it will also be of great benefit to those who manage and run prisons. For the first time ever, both the state Department of Corrections and the Federal Bureau of Prisons will be able to see the trail of money which passes through their prisons via blockchain technology.


Всем Здравствуйте Представителям вашему вниманию Криптовалюту KripCoin!  

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Всего монет 50 миллионов.  

Identifier:   Hm9DM6i5DsnHoPhxWWo5j2bFYYVCUaoC9n66EtzmwgAM 

Вы можете купить KripCoin пока здесь

только 3000 шт  KripCoin по цене 0.00010000 btc

KripCoin - BTC=1500 шт и KripCoin - Waves= 1500 шт

Торги начнутся с 0.00100000 btc на бирже


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