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The gaming industry is developing at a rapid pace. In this area of ​​activity you can earn very well, because this in this business is spinning big money. The turnover of the global game market in 2017 reached a higher rate than the sports business. However, in order to achieve good results, high-quality advertising and carefully developed marketing are necessary. It takes a lot of time and requires significant investment. Increasing the cost of marketing creates an additional barrier between games and players. The average cost of buying a player is $ 15 for a mobile game. This makes the game industry more focused. Large companies with deep marketing costs can attract the attention of many people, while small studios can abandon the game they created because they do not have enough money to attract players.

The EON project can solve this problem. The EON platform is a decentralized digital platform in which gamers can find, share and play games, and interact with other players. The project works on the basis of blockchain technology, which makes this business more efficient, reliable and accessible on a global scale. With the help of blockchain technology, transactions are effective. Thanks to the maintenance of all currencies, developers can distribute the game constantly regardless of the country. Using intelligent contracts, the user's traffic is written to the block chain, and everyone can conduct an audit. This completely solves the problem of fake traffic that exists in the current online network.

The advantages of the project:

  • The EON platform will expand the ability of developers to create more games for users.
  • Players will be able to easily find the best and simplest games and innovative distributors through the EON platform.
  • Using blockchain technology, which will eliminate the possibility of information loss. This is achieved through decentralization.
  • The ability for developers and players to use the project's internal currency. With the help of the internal currency of the project it will be possible to pay for all services, marketing operations, carry out actions, sell ready-made toys.
  • The project will have a referral program with which you can earn extra money. Anyone can set up their own intellectual referral contract and get a reward for referrals. Ultimately, developers will receive 100% of their revenues with zero distribution tariffs.

About the project token:

The internal currency of the project will be the EON tokens. Tokens will be the main electronic money on the EON platform. They will be designed to support the economy of the project, and should also contribute to her development. The original supporters of the EON platform and the holder of the EON card will receive a reward when the platform grows. The platform will also provide ways to purchase EON tokens and a variety of services for their use.

ICO Terms and Conditions:

Name of the token: EON
Standard: erc20
Total number of tokens released: 2 100 000 000
Total number of tokens for sale: 30%
ICO Phase: Period isn't set
Whitelist: (3 JUL – 15 JUL)
Price of the token: 1 EON = 0.0280 USD (0.00004760ETH)
Soft Cap: 10 000 ETH
Hard Cap: 30 000 ETH

Road map:



Summing up on this project I want to say that the end result will be a win-win for developers and gamers. Developers will be able to earn more by reducing the cost of marketing. Gamers will be able to more easily analyze the game, as well as earn money by supporting games that they like.

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