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The Quadrant Protocol project is an innovative, decentralized system based on blockchain technology. This system is designed for the development and storage of information, as well as for its distribution and production of an advertising campaign. The principle of the platform is based on storing information on the process of storing information in a blockchain and granting access to its owner when he wants it. To date, many systems are not reliable, the workflow is at a low level. The market has a lot of unreliable information.

The advantages of the project:

  • With the help of the project, the data will be safe, the storage will be reliable. The work process will be at a high level. The processing speed is high.
  • Realization of the full control over personal data of the user.
  • The client will be able to carry out its activities. At the same time, his activities will be transparent.
  • Application of the draft consensus algorithm for the implementation of transactions. This will allow the application of this technology in many industries.

At present, for the stable operation of serious algorithms of work, it is necessary to process a huge amount of information, where reliability is the first one on the queue, processing quality and productivity. Today, not one of the similar projects can not provide the perfect product. A unique project process is the ability to group the most diverse information, for further distribution between the suppliers and customers of the campaign.
This method of work asserts the possibility of competitiveness in the community, and not only between campaigns of different sizes, which was not available earlier.

Comparison with competitors:

  • The project is very universal and very necessary in our time.
  • Compared to competitors, the workflow is at a high and transparent level. Ensuring a high level of transparency in the work process.
  • Clinters will become more motivated and aimed at increasing productivity.
  • The mechanism in which users will be more loyal.
  • Guarantee of provided information. Protection from hackers and viruses. A simple and convenient system that will become clear to everyone.

Road map:





The industry professionals of the crypto currency promise the project a great future. The system is 100% competitive on how many similar programs do not exist on the market. But not only this is an advantage of the campaign, the main advantage is the ability of the system to give a guarantee for the distribution between large and small companies.

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More information can be found here:

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