**Plentix **- the Decentralized Referral Platform

The development of a new "blockchain"-project for tokenization of the referral economy is called "Plentix". It makes possible the distribution of rewards among all participants of the system: acquaintances, colleagues, merchants, buyers, developers of the application – there will be a chance for everyone to get a certain discount or a token "Plentix".
The standard types of investment will be turned into ICO, due to this more people will be able to take advantages of the referral economy. The developers' aim is to create a flexible method to distribute rewards, their transfer among the participants and decentralization of all the process at whole.

Why is Plentix safe?

• It does not have a centralized system;
• It has an absolute data protection from changing, stealing or illegal publication;
• One can always monitor his or her transaction;
• The centralized organizations cannot enter the platform;
• The work on contracts is completely automated.

Resources and advantages of the platform:

Decentralization and automation

The developers of the partnership companies are offered "Plentix" platform based on the blockchain. They can create their own projects on the platform. The work on "smart contracts " is automated, which makes the software setup and start easier and the speed is faster on this platform. The programmers of organizations get API- interfaces and source code.

The advanced application architecture

After signing up on "Plentix" platform the companies-participants have the flowing apple opportunities: interfacing a lot of programs using "black-end" platforms (the program will have only one interface), integration with own company POS-system or CRM.

Flexibilities for rewards

The organization can reward the participants in one or several ways: only discounts, only Plentix tokens, or both. The preferences of company determine the way of payment and its amount.

Access to tokenized referrals

When a company and clients come to an agreement, all working data is transferred to the"blockchain", where it is reliably stored afterwards. There is an advantage for both parties: the main "Plentix token - is an asset of crypto economics. That is why the "Plentix" system itself will be developed and the Plentix token market price will go up thanks to the success of all participants on the networking crypto platform.
The project has one more opportunity: it can help the programmers to develop their own modules. Using the platform, one can monitor the number of clients which came to the system thanks to the finished business projects, and the canals contributing to the increase of the number of users. One can invite the people who have not jointed “Plentix” yet via sms, e-mails, social networks. The interaction within the platform is easy and available to all participants.

The way the platform works

• all participants can create their referral links and share them with their friends who are either users or not of the platform. You can send a link to any other internet resource using “Plentix” interface;
• a referral gets a discount code on certain goods or services. The company determines the discount percent and the amount of the reward;
• receiving a code, the client can buy the goods. But the validation of the discount can be limited;
• As soon as a referral uses the code or buys the goods or services of the company, the referrer-a person created the link with a code- receives the reward in the form of the discount or token.

The example of its practical application
We will give and discuss the powerful example in detail to gain a full understanding of the functioning of the system and what you can benefit from the cooperation with "Plentix".
The shop is engaged in the retail trade of accessories for the female audience of 23-24. It has been developed for five years and is always engaged in the expansion of the client base. However, with the advent of aggregator websites with the competitive products it is harder and harder to remain a leader with every month.
The “Plentix” platform becomes familiar to the administration and it offers to use the platform to expand the number of interested clients and increase the profit.
Registering in the "Plentix", the marketers start developing a first program to get referrals. In their design, a referrer can himself choose the type of reward which he will receive after the referral is registered- it can be PNT tokens or discounts on the accessories in the shop. The rewards are charged after the first visit on the shop.
So, if a client, Sally, invites a sister or a colleague to shop she will get a 10 percent discount on any first purchase which costs no more than $100. The next purchase costing no more than $100 will get a 20% discount, and a 30% discount will be offered to buy the products costing more than $200.
Sally invites all her friends and acquaintances via SMS. And the referral program will get 300 new clients in several days. So, shop not only increases the profit using the referrals but thinks about the launching of the second shop.

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