Remiit ico Review

This blockchain-based remittance platform connects worldwide MTOs. Based on the information published on their official site, the REMIIT reputation system evaluation, which is a key platform feature.

Platform lets the operators focus on the remittance business with other MTOs or partners, thus enabling secure transfers.


The REMIIT Revolution Project is a money transfer and billing platform. Blockchain connects many different companies and users through a blockchain-based smart contract system.

REMIIT wants to create markets and ecosystems that enable local businesses to grow while offering transparent money transfers to users.REMIIT will create faster and more transparent payment and transfer systems while enabling money transfer operators (MTOs) and financial institutions to create trusted cross reference communities.

Token Details

Token: REMI.

Platform: Ethereum.

Minimum invesment: 0.5 ETH.

Soft cap: 5,000.000 USD.

Hard cap: 20,000.000 USD.

Registricted areas: USA, China, Singapore, Iran, Iraq, Syria.


REMIIT intends to introduce innovation into commercial companies "what happens when we send and receive something" from a new perspective. This is a place where REMIIT's private ecosystem is based entirely on the technology of blockchain technology know-how. REMIIT has developed REMIIT Smart Contract so that the system is effectively scaled. Every participant from REMIIT Ecosystem is at the center of a business relationship.

Thanks to this ecosystem infrastructure, each participant can create many channels to overcome existing problems. Ultimately, barriers from the previous external trade ecosystem will be overcome through the use of more than a few channels, the market will grow, and businesses will grow.

REMIIT Features

  • The Algorithms are optimized for remittance.
  • The escrow service is used for various participants of the process.
  • The systems user interface is friendly and easily configurable.
  • It has an RSC communication channel · The RSC store—for data storage.


  1. RSC (REMIIT Smart Contract) – The RSC system gives affordable fees and expanded networks for all the participants who may be using remittance services.
  2. Issuance Of REMI – REMI is a token used within the platform to make the whole of the REMIIT ecosystem robust and active.
  3. RPGP (REMIIT Payment Gateway Protocol) – The providers use this interface for payments through the system.


The first revolution of the blockade was bitkoyn and was used to fill at once to transfer with the help of millions of people. The second revolution is in the block chain. Blockchain is tested and used in various industries and is related to each other. In this sense, it is possible that the block will be commercialized in the near future.

This technology, similar to the Internet, should make the world more connected and environmentally friendly, and not only in the money sector, but also in various fields. REMIT will create new types of companies and opportunities that have never existed before, and we need to experience them.


The team behind the REMIIT system is a great one with vast experience to propel it forward. The users of the system can manage the credit ratings that are generated from the blockchain transaction, allowing them to manage their credibility and enjoy several other benefits. Users will equally be able to use the REMI wallet as a payment means by itself directly.




Telegram: remiit.






BTT Profile:;u=1927075.

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