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Shivom: the future is already here.


Our modern health care system is overloaded with a host of problems. А large number of accumulated data, regular loss of information, lack of personal approach — all these difficulties still exist in the 21st century. The new blockchain platform Shivom is ready to solve all of them right here and now.

What is Shivom

Shivom is an innovative project aimed at building an accessible market for genetic data. The authors of the project are ready to change the current situation with insufficient funding of research programs. Such programs emphasis on the study of rare diseases which relate to genetic mutations.

Shivom uses a blockchain technology to safely store and transfer all genetic information. Data can be transmitted only in case of voluntarily consent of a person.

How it works

All the participants of Shivom are divided into 2 groups:

  • «Sellers» of genetic data. We mean all the people who are ready to pass the DNA test and share their results on the platform. All information is held on a blockchain which ensures its safety. Only those who have paid the owner the necessary amount in OmiX tokens can have access to it.

  • «Buyers» of genetic data. We talk about research centers, institutes and companies. They buy the genetic data and use them for analysis and new developments.

Why it is notable

Shivom merits attention due to the following reasons:

  • It’s the only ICO-based platform supported by 3 governmental officials.

  • The main aim of the platform is to solve the real challenge of our time with the deficiency of the genetic data and the complexity of obtaining them. It is going to change the future of our medicine.

  • There is a high probability that Shivom will become a real breakthrough in the healthcare sphere. It will help to invent new revolutionary solutions for the treatment of diseases which are thought to be incurable now.

  • The founders of Shivom want to collaborate with the leading medical and research centers in order to improve the level of health on a global scale.

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