What is W12?


W12 builds a decentralized infrastructure where parties do not have to trust each other.
This protocol uses technology to ensure the transparency of chain block transactions and features that can be resolved to ensure control over the implementation of key steps in the project roadmap, smart contracts and auctions. The W12 solution includes a platform that can be funded through the sale of tokens without initial project costs or special technical knowledge. In consultation with the manager, the Foundation will play a role in supporting the business in the future, preparing for the mission to enter the market ICO to provide the use of goods and services, enabling hybrid customers and financial coding management and certification Developer W12IO provides a return of the same release, such as the release of the same release, to illustrate the disassembled foundation chain block at work The main market for integration into the career platform for using this platform

They ranked first in the Blockchain World Forum, New York as the best ICO.
The rating is high.
W12 project is the final candidate for Switzerland Icorace
They create a unique economy.
We already have MVP products ready.
W12 Mission:
Distributed Environments and Infrastructure Deployment
There is no need for trust between parties in all types of transactions, and all controversial issues can be resolved quickly.
It is transparent and legitimate.

Vision W12:
Media becomes the biggest global platform.
It is currently focused on funding and is limited by geographic and political frameworks. Provide
Every investor in the world has a decentralized solution to build a global future.

What is the problem?

Fraud or fraud
High risk of transferring money to the project at an early stage
There is no money anywhere because there is no mechanism to protect ICO investors and charitable participants.
Lack of transparency and high cost of charity and social work
As I mentioned earlier, there are a large number of con artists in the ICO market.
Many investors have lost money, including me.
If there is a charity range, only 50% of the money can not be reached to the recipient.
Direct service
We signed a wise agreement to feature the ICO fund for the project.
The buyer's decision is symbolic when the project achieves its goal.
This solution protects token buyers from about 96% of projects, which improves profitability.
It never reaches its goal.


I am very excited about the potential of electronic money and electronic money, and hope to improve the fundraising method for charities.
Major issues in the charity market Lack of transparency Recognize that up to 60% of the young generation's transparency affects donation decisions.
Advertising Charity Invasion
High Cost Management
It is difficult to keep a small charity because of the high initial costs associated with marketing and remittance costs.
Are you affected?
General questions for those willing to donate. Create a transparent and decentralized infrastructure for tracking the use of
targeted services .
With the W12 protocol, all parties can create the necessary type of CAD organization, determine the path, and decide on the
use of money. Each participant monitors and controls funds and
This solution significantly reduces management and marketing costs and increases these costs.
This project is both charitable and socially important.

Business Development
The goal of W12 is to be the largest integrated solution in the real business. Our solutions offer a clear advantage over existing systems in terms of price, reliability and quality.
To implement the solution, the W12 strategy is to establish the maximum number of partnerships in the market, launch an affiliate program and launch a strong business development unit in a major market.
For more information on investment projects, please visit:
Website: https://tokensale.w12.io/?utm_source=bounty&utm_medium=bitcointalk&utm_campaign=blog
White Paper: https://tokensale.w12.io/W12-en.pdf




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