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Hi All,
Recently I renewed the subscription of analytical software which I was using a while ago when I was more actively involved in online marketing.
So I decided to run report for Bitcointalk.Org and share it with you, along with some interesting observations.

As you can see BitcoinTalk is #2279 in Ahrefs rank. They rank sites based on size and quality of the backlink profile so Bitcointalk is #2279 among all the existing sites. (For example #1 is facebook, #2 is Twitter, Google is #7, complete rank you can check here. This number is very good, taking to account how many huge websites exist nowadays

Bitcointalk has 24 million+ of backlinks, and is ranking by the number of 1.2Million+ keywords.
Bitcointalk has more than 1 million monthly organic traffic (traffic which comes from search engines, of course overall traffic is much bigger)

PDF site overview is available by the link

Now, regarding organic traffic it is interesting to check which keywords are bringing the most traffic to Bitcointalk, which keywords are in the top.

To be honest I was surprised to see that #1 is not "bitcointalk" (which is the second) but "superchillin" which brings 15,466 monthly visitors.
Another keyword which I didn't expect is in Russian "порнолаб" (pornlab) which brings 2,7K+ visitors a month

I did also a report in CSV with 1000 keywords, you can find them here

And here is the "Top pages", in a way this section correlates with Top keywords.

I hope this data was useful, let me know your thoughts

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