Win 1 bitcoin in EXMO New Year contest

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Dear community,

Every year EXMO is holding a New Year contest giving precious presents to its users. This year is also the case.

EXMO cryptocurrency platform is ready to announce a 2018 New Year contest.

All you need to do – is to proceed to the contest page, get authorized through an available social media channel (Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter), answer simple but interesting questions, and share the results via your page on social media.
(If you are not already a user of the exchange, then first sign up for the welcome to Exmo link ).

The users who have shared the survey results on social media will only be allowed to participate in the contest.

EXMO team has made a research on features and character of TOP-9 cryptocurrencies and created an unusual questionnaire. On the results of the questionnaire every participant will find out what cryptocurrency he/she is.

Contest date – December 15, 2017 – January 15, 2018.

Contest winner will be credited 1 BTC to his/her EXMO account.

Contest winner will be determined by a random number generator under condition he/she has completed all contest obligations.

Make sure to follow our updates on EXMO official website and through the official channels: Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and by emails.

Visit EXMO Youtube channel to find out useful information on cryptocurrencies and trading on the platform.

Future belongs to cryptocurrencies. Hurry up to join the number of lucky ones!

Good luck!
Your respectfully, EXMO team & @goldenbogdan

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