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Let's talk about the project

The world is changing for the better and with it the financial system. Today, all payments, lending and various transfers are beginning to work in tandem with blockchain technologies, so the cryptocurrency is gaining more and more popularity each time. Speaking about integration, it swings and various businesses and startups that are actively implementing their processes certain digital assets.

What is TraXion? It is, above all, an ecosystem that intends to make a loyal business for all commercial and non-profit organizations. There will be a kind of unification.

We are witnessing the creation of an updated financial infrastructure, the use of which is intended for everyone. This ecosystem will provide transparency and trust for all who conduct their business through this platform. The platform works together with smart contracts and is ready for business, it remains only to solve the problem of scalability. 

Let's talk about what the developers have managed to create:

First, we have a TraXion wallet that integrates certain applications within a given ecosystem. All those organizations that have implemented their business in this ecosystem have certain white marks on their wallets. This will allow them to move their financial assets through the tokenization process free of charge.

TraXion Chain deals with the issues of creating various blockchain solutions for a closed network. There are certain conglomerates in the system that constantly require data integrity and asset tracking within the supply chain. Individual solutions are created for them.

As we have already said, smart contracts are used in this ecosystem, namely TraXion contract. It is designed to effectively manage business processes and minimize the problem of corruption and costs.

The tasks and benefits of the platform are enormous!

A completely new digital economy is maturing, aimed at eliminating intermediaries and optimizing the ready-made but outdated financial system. To do this, an attractive TraXion ecosystem has already been created, which will allow and help many organizations to connect to existing blockchain technologies. From now on, all banks, various agencies and operators will be able to use the improved Protocol, which in the future will have significant confidence in the cryptocurrency from the population.

The TraXion platform acts as a reliable guarantor between the existing financial system and blockchain technologies. At the time of creating your own wallet, there will also be integration with such a provider as a Master Card. Now, all users of the system will be able to store and transfer money anywhere in the world.

Now there are a number of problems that need to be solved immediately, namely:

1. Discrepancy of the average financial indicator per capita.

2. Slow transactions. The implementation of all payments is carried out for 3 - 5 working days and it is not good.

3. High cost of fees at the time of transfer from the sender's Bank to the recipient. Just imagine this figure is 2-3 %, and when it comes to a small amount of payment, this figure reaches 10%.

4. This is of course the bureaucracy that was created by the same intermediaries, brokers and various agents.

5. There is no transparency as all your payments are hard to track and this raises a significant problem.

All this came to an end and the TraXion team is taking on This case, whose representatives have tremendous experience in business, blockchain technology, Finance and cybersecurity. If we talk about financial products and various donation channels, they are innovative and accessible through the distributed financial infrastructure of TraXion. This will contribute to the elimination of corruption. At the heart of the system itself, Hyperledger Fabric technologies are used and this is a breakthrough friends. A new network of all organizations and enterprises is emerging in a new decentralized format, where there will be order forever.

Let's summarize and highlight the advantages of this TraXion ecosystem:

1. The absence of any boundaries in the expansion and scalability

2. We have a fairly low transaction

3. No bureaucracy

4. From now on, it is possible to conduct an audit

Team of developers and specialists

Meet the TraXion team right now...

Project development plan

2017 (First quarter) - Blockchain Dev Hub Formation

2017 (Second and third quarter) - launch of the payment platform, as well as the launch of the fundraising platform

2018 (May) - the Conduct of the Pre ICO

2018 (Second quarter) - TraXion Wallet Release2018 (Third quarter) - development of peer-to-peer transfers for payments, money transfers and donations. Improving the existing fundraising platform for smart contracts

2018 (Fourth quarter) - launch of "Crypto Trading" function"

2019 (First quarter) - Hyperledger installs TraXion as a system where all financial products, transactions and services are available in the platform's wallet. To scale the business, existing agencies and brokers will be offered a whitelabel solution for the money transfer business

2019 (Fourth quarter) - peer-to-peer lending, namely, Wallet Users will be able to credit other users with TraXion KYC, Credit Score and Microfinance Solution

General partners

To sell the apartment and buy the token TXN for the full amount?

First, let's talk about tokens and conditions of participation in the ICO

The development is based on the Protocol ERC-20

The overall weight of the coin: 500 000 000 TXN

For sale allocated: 250 000 000 TXN

During Pre-ICO and ICO, the price per token varies from 0, 00035 ETH to 0.001 ETH

Hardcap: 50 000 000 $

The minimum purchase of coins can be carried out in the amount of 0.2 ETH

Max: 2000 ETH

More information about the platform it self can be found here.

Website / Telegram / WhitePaper / Twitter / GitHub

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