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     Greetings to you, dear readers. I am always glad to share with you the most promising ideas and start-ups from the world of crypto-currencies. They are created in order to facilitate our life with you, and to change the world in the future.

      Despite the potential profit from real estate, we know that buying real estate is not easy. In addition to a large amount of time to find what they want, sharp buyers are forced to enter their data into portals and third parts, thereby increasing costs, cutting innovation and discouraging potential investors and buyers of the sector.

     When the deal is related to the purchase of foreign real estate, the process becomes more complicated, and its conclusion is delayed, which can take months of negotiations and a lot of bureaucracy and government documents until everything is completed or will not succeed because of the tedious process.

      Without regard to whether the property is sold in the country of origin or not, it is true that its transaction - sale or purchase or lease - raises a number of problems. To maximize benefits and minimize losses that people can suffer, we have a solution to problems through the efforts of Leaxcoin and our community.


      Leaxcoin is a decentralized global currency that adopts the Ethereum blockchain technology, the leader in the smart contract evolution.

       The success of the Leaxcoin platform will be totally achieved with a global community of real estate specialists and experienced developers, who will create the necessary tools to connect all the real estate processes and the regulatory agencies of property registration for a blockchain, everything in compliance with the countless jurisdictions of every country, state and city.

      The Leaxcoin will be used for several things in the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, we can say with absolute certainty that the Leaxcoin is a unique opportunity for growth, especially now, with the virtual currency market in constant and significant growth.

       The Leaxcoin will be used for several things in the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, we can say with absolute certainty that the Leaxcoin is a unique opportunity for growth, especially now, with the virtual currency market in constant and significant growth.

                                                         TRADE PROBLEM

  1. HIGH CAPITAL REQUIREMENTS Real state is usually very expensive and requires the investor/buyer to have high levels of capital. For this reason, this market ends up driving away small real estate investors.
  2. STRICT FINANCIAL REGULATIONS FOR ACCESS TO FINANCE Finance application is a time consuming process, especially because it is too bureaucratic. Moreover, the requirement of documents to prove the investor’s buying power results in unnecessary costs.
  3. HIGH TRANSACTIONAL COSTS The traditional real estate market entails high transactional costs, mainly because many agents such as middlemen, brokers, taxes and real estate agents go into action, inflating the final price. 
  4. INTEGRITY AND SECURITY The decentralized nature of Leaxcoin guarantees that stored records will not be tampered with or controlled by a single source, avoiding fraud, insecurity, loss and/or duplicity of documents in the real estate processes.
  5. TIME AND COST SAVINGS In the traditional real estate market, the process of transferring a property might take months due to the several parts involved, as well as the need to repeatedly verify all the documents in its different stages.
  6. ACCESS TO FOREIGN INVESTORS Many foreigners interested in investing in real estate encounter consideraable difficulties, mainly in long-distance real estate negotiations.  

                                                         THE SOLUTION

      An ecosystem, the evolution in of the GLOBAL real estate market, a kind of bridge to connect the traditional real estate market to the blockchain via the Leaxcoin platform.

      The global public can trade and transact all their properties and real estate processes, with no borders or foreign and geographical delimitations.    


                                            Property Registry

     The Leaxcoin platform is protected by blockchain, ensuring an unchangeable database.The entire platform environment is intended for local and global communities, with tools, applications and solutions to a full integration with registry, notary and government institutions, following the local jurisdiction for the transfer of title deeds. After all, the whole environment of the Leaxcoin platform is intended for communities, having tools, applications and solutions to a seamless integration with real estate registry offices, notaries and governmental institutions, complying with the jurisdiction of each place.The whole process will be carried out in conjunction with our global community, as it is through the work and support of everyone that we will make it possible.  

                       Contracts, Listing and Real Estate Crowdsale

    As this protocol is the only transaction arbiter, it can be carried out in a transparent way, free from conflicts, without high costs and time consuming intermediaries or other verification processes.Any information entered into these contracts is automatically treated according to a previously agreed protocol.The Leaxcoin platform is an important application of the blockchain technology in the form of Smart Contracts.

                                            Leaxcoin Wallet

     The Leax wallet will be fully developed on the Ethereum blockchain network, which is encrypted to avoid fraud and theft, having Send, Receive and Token Purchase functions.

                              Community and Global Support

     Together, we join forces to build a global community of the blockchain revolution enthusiasts, providing new resources to foment the real estate world revolution, the community is actively encouraged and rewarded for getting involved in the development, marketing and real estate solutions.   



     Unlike what happens to Bitcoin, with the evolution of Leaxcoin in the Ethereum blockchain, it is possible to reduce the transaction costs, obtain more transparency, security, agility and speed, without any probability of inactivity, censorship, fraud or interference from third parties. The main aim of the Smart Contract is precisely to enable people who do not know each other, who may live on the other side of the world, to do business on the Internet with confidence, without requiring the interference of a central authority. This type of contract was created with the popularization of cryptocurrencies, as it is a way of providing security and transparency to the transactions made by a currency.

                                                  ABOUT TOKEN DISTRIBUTION:

  • DECIMAL :18
  • TOKEN TOTAL :2,000,000,000
  • TYPE: ERC20

      With the aim of financing researches and platform development, the Leaxcoin will hold a coin distribution event, offering a limited issue of 1 billion tokens totaling 2 billion.

       All revenues referring to the initial contribution period will be used to finance the development, information security and expansion of the platform.




      The crypto-currency market is growing, as well as the virtual world. Considering that the numerous transactions have already been made on the Internet, everything makes us believe that almost all the market will be online in the near future. 


                 The official resources of the Leaxcoin:

Website: http://leax.io/

Whitepaper: http://leax.io/whitepaper-leaxcoin.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FoundationLeax

Github: https://github.com/Leax-Foundation

Telegram: https://t.me/foundationleax

Medium: https://medium.com/@leaxfoundation 


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