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ICO & Bounty Worldopo


      Greetings to you, dear readers. I am always glad to share with you the most promising ideas and start-ups from the world of crypto-currencies. They are created in order to facilitate our life with you, and to change the world in the future.

     Technological advancement has brought us many wonderful things and enhanced all aspects of our lives; a notable example being none other than entertainment. The 21st century has given us immensely powerful computers able to process games, making our entire entertainment experience interactive.

       Although the concept of blockchain has existed for more than a decade, the technology itself and its possibilities have only been actively realised only within the past few years. With the surge in popularity of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, now more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of blockchain technology. Moreover, the gaming industry is still behind in the implementation of blockchain into games, although it truly does have undeniable advantages.

      Anyone that is playing mobile games to enjoy the gameplay experience, as well as the plot involved in it and not just playing for the mere sake of killing time will constantly face the following problems:

  • Time loss, which leaves behind only a “virtual” track. 
  • Endless in-game purchases, which in turn carry no tangible value outside of the game. 
  • The quality level of the mobile games market. 

    These factors give Worldopo a competitive advantage and place it a leading position within a number of game categories in both the iOS and Android stores.

      Worldopo is a multiplayer real-time strategy. The genre is a simulator of urban construction. A unique combination of modern technologies, organically entered into the gameplay of Worldopo, opens to a wide audience a fascinating, fundamentally new mobile gaming experience.

      Worldopo is the only platform that deals with multiple players and has good gaming strategy layout. The platform allows blockchain which entertains the users of this platform. Worldopo has its own cryptocurrencies i.e. WPT. Therefore WPT motivates the economic structure and on the other hand help to build up a convincing gameplay for all users. In today’s business sector gains huge profit from gaming platform and this platform gets almost 40% share of the total market. If we look into the facts and figures of the mobile gaming then we will realize that it not only gives profit to the gaming industry but also to the mobile software market entirely.

      In the gaming industry, with thanks to blockchain technology, we want to be able to solve the following problems:

  1. Player time Lose 
  2. Shortage of game assets  
  3. Security. 

    With the help of tokenization and an active game token-economy, we create an opportunity for the player to turn his experience and game assets into tangible assets. Though despite all the technical complexity involved with the game, we created a game that is easily accessible and understandable to every player.

                                                      Worldopo Benefits

  • Stability The token will not have any future emissions therefore guarantying stability of the token prices. Similarly, through the combination of different technologies, Worldopoly has the opportunity to reach various segments of the gaming market, which is one of the largest and that with a steady annual growth.
  • High Liquidity Of The Tokens The game requires a high turnover of the utility tokens which is beneficial as it ensures that the supply of the tokens in the market is always minimal therefore maintaining the liquidity of the tokens.
  • Advanced Technology Through the implementation of Blockchain / DAG in the tokens, players can monitor ownership of property within the game in a transparent manner. The blockchain technology also enables users to securely use their virtual in-game achievements to acquire actual items.
  • Valuable Token The WPT is the first token in the gaming industry whose value is determined by pricing factors. 

     Worldopo is a favourable starting point in comparison with other games in the same category. Unlike other AR games on the market, Worldopo is ready to offer a rich gaming experience with an interactive world, as well as many addon features to keep users captivated. With the current estimates for the gaming sector, the potential for stable growth in all directions is highly anticipated.

                      The main advantages of the project ahead of competitors

     Other games based on the blockchain Technology, are characterized by an unattractive gameplay. They either target very specific niche markets (MMORPG genre), games based on casinos or simple games aimed at collecting in-game assets (CryptoKitties). At the moment there are no games on the market that focus on the main audience of casual players and offer an exciting gameplay with high retention rates of players.

  1. The unique use of advanced technologies (AR, blocking, geo-positioning) effectively enriches the game process. 
  2. Instead of creating a new game model that would require players to learn, Worldopo offers affordable and economical modelling within the real world. The game will be interesting and useful for people who want to understand the principles of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in a risk-free environment. Equally, people who do not want to sit still and want to immerse themselves in an alternative reality creating powerful infrastructures that they will be able to view with a mobile device.
  3. The ability to transform all the acquired gaming experience (in-game assets, resources, etc.) into cryptocurrencies. Not a minute spent in the game will be wasted. 


      Combining the technologies of augmented reality, blockchain and geopositioning, Worldopo provides a unique gameplay experience that exceeds the boundaries of the current capabilities of mobile games. All these technologies are purposefully combined together to form up Worldopo, each technology plays its own unique role within the game.

       Augmented reality brings the user into a sense of an altered world merging the game world with reality, Blockchain provides an increased level of security, Geo-positioning brings cities around the world to your mobile device. 

The main goal of Worldopo is to bring the blockchain technology to the gaming industry and create new channels for the development of decentralized games, giving players the opportunity to easily evaluate all the advantages of crypto games. 

      Worldopo users fall into two categories: First we have cryptolords and then casual players. Each casual player, abiding by a certain strategy, can choose to move up to the rank cryptolord, or can simply continue to enjoy the gameplay of the urban simulator as a casual player. The main goal of the game is to become a real estate mogul and proficiently manage all your assets. Players actively join clans, accumulate their own resources and forces to achieve their goals. All generated resource pools and transactions which are concluded in Worldopo are all backed by smart contracts. The identification of each unique player and all of his game assets are stored in the locker, which makes the game more secure and even more secure


                           Worldopo WPT Token ICO DetailsParameters Of The ICO

  • TOKEN SUPPLY: 200 000 000 WPT
  • PREICO PRICE: 1 WPT = 0.12 USD
  • ICO PRICE: 1 WPT = 0.12 USD
  • HARD CAP: 18,000,000 USD


     Worldopo is reinventing the world of gameplay, incorporating several technologies into one integrative platform that will allow players to earn money while playing games. We can’t wait to see this in action. 


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