Review and analysis of ICO Bountie. Asia’s first platform for gamers to make a living while playing their favourite games

Nowadays games become more and more popular. You cannot find a young man, who have never played computer games at least 1 time. Game industry is developing very fast, that's why capitalization of the industry is rapidly increasing. But only a few people think about earning money on games. But now some people begin to understand, that the platforms creators don't want to share their profits with users. And they are dissatisfied with this situation. The developers of the project Bountie, using the technology blockchain, tried to solve this problem.

How it works?
Gamers and computer games fans can get BTIE-tokens for playing different games. Besides, people can organize tourneys, where they can win a big monetary prize. There are some ways, how you can spend your BTIE-tokens:

  1. Exchange on cash. Before this action you must indicate your bank account on the platform Bountie;
  2. Exchange on any cryptocurrency, using a very simple exchange system;
  3. Do shopping. Your card will have similar functionality to TenX;
  4. You can take part in different tourneys, paying for participation in BTIE-tokens.

Platform features

  1. User will have a universal profile. It will be used in all games. All the profiles will be open and game developers can integrate using the interface of application programs;
  2. Information from the tourneys will be saved, using the technology blockchain to improve effectiveness and transparence;
  3. Special algorithm of search players for tourneys. You can absolutely sure, that you won't play with too strong or too weak rival. And it is honestly. You will be able to improve your game skill in fair conditions;
  4. Gamers will get a prize after a gain in the tourney very fast (about 1-2 minute). It is the right decision, because now organizers of usual tourneys pay prize money from 1 week to 1 year. It is very slow.

ICO will start on 11 June and end on 26 July.
The price of 1 BTIE-token is 0.15$.
Total supply — 200 millions BTIE-tokens. The investors can get good bonuses, if they buy tokens at the beginning of ICO.
SoftCap — 2 250 000$
HardCap — 22 500 000$

Distribution of tokens
75% of the tokens (150 millions) will be spent on crowdsale, 10% (20 millions) — to team, 15% (30 millions) — to partners and advisors.

Co-founders of the project are Lex Na (chief executive officer), Darren Lee (chief operating officer) and Jose He (chief performance officer).
All of them and the members of their team are professionals in blockchain-development and marketing. 



The project Bountie will help computer games fans to earn money for playing. Gamers will have a possibility to organize tourneys and to win a huge number of BTIE-tokens, which they can spend on different ways. A lot of experts say, that the project has great perspectives. I strongly recommend investing your money in this project, because you may earn a lot on resale tokens and help to make a unique platform, that can give a opportunity for gamers to earn. You can read extra information on the WhitePaper.

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