IShook - the future for creators of content and their audience!


Many writers of books, content, advertising articles and much more often face the problem of realizing their material. On the other hand, readers cannot find exactly what they need. All these problems can be solved!
Imagine one huge platform that would combine everything from writers, distributors, material, readers and everything related to any content. You Imagine? And soon such a platform will appear because IShook is just engaged in the creation of such a platform. And it will be on the blockchain and will be completely decentralized, it means that there are many advantages, such as:

The originality of the content (each writer of his content will be sure that his material can not be changed from any side)
The price (with the help of blockchain and minimal transactions, as well as the absence of centralized distributors, the price of books, content and other, will become much lower!)
Single community (one single community in which absolutely everything will be located, and in an international format)


Another important factor is the rapid development of IT technologies, social networks and rapid growth of users, advertising and much more. Often, all are faced with the problem of improper quality of providing and reaching the right audience, the same targeting advertising. But for this customers do not pay a small amount! All these problems are also solvable for this platform and monetization in the ecosystem of iShook is necessary and plays an important role, at the expense of which payments to content creators will take place instantly, and advertising customers will have to pay less money.
We spend too much time on the Internet to find the right and high-quality content, as well as advertisers spend huge sums and time to find the right audience, the problem is that there are too many unreal users in social networks and too much garbage. All this is possible to solve with the help of iShook platform.


Now we understand the great prospects of this project and let's look at the technical part of ICO:

Crowdsale already goes and will last until May 22, or earlier when the hardcap is collected.

As for the road map of the project:
1st quarter of 2018 - development of applications for iOS and Android systems (already implemented!)
Q2 2018 - development of iOS 11+ integration and the first stages of integration of tokens on the iShook platform
3 quarter - Developing yChatPro applications, to support developers and content authors.
Q4 - Integration of yChat applications and release of Apple Music iShook eBook
Q1 2019 - Issue iShook tv in Apple tv and release, a medical platform for medical professionals and users. (interesting and necessary product!)
2-4 quarter of 2019 - the creation of SDK eBook application for Ishook for use in licensed stores.

Not a few important factors in the quality of the project, is his team, but here she is very strong and with great experience! Meet:




In conclusion, I want to add that having studied the whitepaper, the team and the technical part of the project, I can confidently state that the project has great prospects for the future and I invest in this ICO, and I advise you to keep up with the time.

You can find out more about the project here:
Participation in Crowdsale:
You can also earn project tokens here:

All good profits and to new meetings!

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