Blockshipping - Transforming the Global Shipping Industry!


At first glance, the project Blockshipping is not impressive. The team proposes to create a register of all containers in the blockchain and thus save 6 billion $ USA per year, as well as significantly reduce the emission of harmful substances into the environment. Against the background of other blockchain startups, which offer to improve with the help of blockchain almost the whole world-looks inexpressive. But that's only because we're not familiar with the area.

Imagine a cargo container sizes 2х2х12 meters. This metal whopper weighs 4 tons and costs from 2 to 20 thousand dollars. Such containers are loaded on hundreds of ships and set off. And at the destination the container is emptied and ... what happens next? Most often, an empty container by road is delivered to special storage containers, because it is not left in the port. An empty container not only consumes resources for transportation, but also lies dead weight, taking place in warehouses. Imagine the cost of this, in General, meaningless occupation on the scale of even one company.

Why keep the container, take it to / from the port, if at the same time in the same port is sending and receiving cargo by other companies? Why not just arrived and unloaded container to sell to another carrier? They do. Companies cooperate and organize the sale/purchase of containers among themselves. But it is impossible for all companies to agree with everyone, and the containers have to be pulled back and forth.

Blockshipping-blockchain-container registry!


And now it becomes clear that Blockshipping designed to solve actual problems. The developers offer a global register of all containers that carriers will buy and sell as needed. The General information base, free from intermediaries thanks to smart contracts will allow not only to save on senseless transportation of empty heavy boxes, but also to reduce their total number in the world. Imagine a world where companies do not contain huge areas for storage of empty containers, where trucks once again do not run on the roads and do not provoke traffic jams, where you do not need to bother with additional logistics, you realize that saving 6 billion $ per year - is quite an objective assessment.

Technically, Blockshipping is a private blockchain registry that stores information about the owner and location of each container, and with the help of smart contracts organizes the transfer of ownership. It was a sin not to use the opportunity to introduce electronic document management into the system and implement all kinds of additional services such as insurance. The developers have added all this.

Developers Blockshipping went way above and beyond and introduced two kinds of tokens.

The first of them is CPT (Container Platform Token) - the internal currency of the platform. It will pay for all financial transactions. The price of the token will be tied to the dollar, and the total amount is not limited. An unusual approach for cryptotoken, but the advantages of this approach are more than the disadvantages.

The second-CCC(Container CryptoCoin) - is more like a classic token. 50.000.000 CCC will be issued and 20% of the platform's revenues will be distributed to investors. In fact, it is an analogue of shares, which does not allow you to manage the company, but allows you to earn on the platform.

CCC can be purchased in the framework of the ISO on the official website of the project -

My thoughts and conclusions

Against the background of the vast majority of blockchain projects, pushing the blockchain in all areas of the world, without thinking about the feasibility of such a solution, Blockshipping stands out. The company sees the problem and offers an adequate solution. If the developers succeed, the platform will be one of the first intelligent applications of blockchain in the application area.

Friends, thank you for reading! What do you think about Blockshipping?


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