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How often do we face the need to exchange our cryptocurrency for Fiat money? You will agree that this is still not a simple procedure and quite expensive. Someone does it once a half year, someone once a month, and someone once a week and every time we pay a Commission exchanger or several exchangers that a total of up to 7%. And for those who make exchanges often - it's expensive.Another problem is that each exchange has a very limited choice of fiat currencies for withdrawal, which brings great inconvenience and further additional costs for commissions. Unfortunately, today there is no universal tool for the exchange of cryptocurrency into any fiat currency at a market price.

The modern market is on the side of customers who appreciate high-quality service and convenience than any existing platform can boast.

Spotcoin platform is ready to solve the urgent problems and remove the gap between the traditional financial markets and new digital assets!

Spotcoin company declared itself in 2016 when they first started to trade wholesale fiat money with cryptocurrencies as OTC in the black sea region. During 2017, Spotcoin team made over-the-counter transactions worth 10 millions $ and managed to become the leader of this market, providing its services to institutional investors, traders, miners and amateur traders.Spotcoin's mission is to make earnings on cryptocurrencies affordable and easy for the black sea region and beyond, and to create an automated cryptocurrency exchange in fiat funds, which will help to attract a significant number of new users.

What are the goals of Spotcoin?

The project team intends to build the first comprehensive ecosystem for digital assets in the black sea region. To do this, several tools will be implemented:

  1. Spotpay payment system is a wallet application for digital assets that will give you the opportunity to get fast, inexpensive and secure access to cash transactions with the ability to connect via API. Each user will be able to receive instant payments in the desired currency at the market price. Isn't that what we've all been waiting for?
  2. Creation of a global OTC platform. The potential of the digital asset trading market is estimated at more than 20 billions $ per year, in which the team sees great prospects.
  3. Spotcoin Digital Exchange development provides easy and intuitive access to your digital assets trading, fast payments, OTC trading and mining. And all this in one platform.
  4. At the moment Spotcoin has an official partnership with the Georgian mining company. The team has developed an environmentally friendly facility worth 3.25 million $, which uses hydroelectric power. The capacity is estimated at up to 25 MW and the initial capacity of 2250 GPUs with the ability to accommodate up to 9,000 additional installations. This is what I understand the serious approach and thoughtfulness of the project.

Why become an investor Spotcoin and what are the prospects?

All holders of token Spotcoin will receive 51% of profits from the operation of a platform for the exchange of assets on a weekly basis. But that's not all) Also all Spotcoin token holders will receive an additional 12% of the net profit from the exchange, mining capacity and the use of Spotpay app on a quarterly basis. Confidence in the project is given by the fact that all the tokens reserved for the team and early investors will be frozen for 1 year, which means that the team has serious intentions and long-term plans.

More information you can find here:

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Interesting, but I'll look at the documents more closely

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Interestingly enough, the team went to to ensure the liquidity of the token, I think to invest

That's interesting... Read their documents read more

As a trader, it will be useful for me to use such a platform. Well, waiting for the platform)

At first glance, another exchange platform, but the exchange of automated exchange of fiat money for cryptocurrency is a very necessary innovation

I wonder the SEC does not equate to securities? And what happens if it does?