Join the community of XTZ owners to bake together and earn passive income. All rewards are distributed among the members according to their share. We take 10% fee from the baking/endorsement rewards to provide 99.9% uptime of our nodes and never miss a baking


10% Fee
Min delegation 10ꜩ
Payouts from 0.01ꜩ

Attic.Pool Tezos Baker is built and maintained by Attic Lab, a developer of Exchange. We provide high-performance server setup, broadband channels and advanced network topology to never miss a single block. All payouts are processed automatically, so be ready to receive your XTZ from baking and endorsement as soon as we generate the block.


Higher chances to bake
The more XTZs a person posses, the higher odds of baking a block.

Higher chances to earn
Attic Pool distributes its earnings among all pool members according to their share.

Low entry treshold
You need to have only 10 XTZ instead of 10,000 XTZ to start baking.

No additional XTZ for security deposits
Security deposits are locked from our own balance

No need to setup and maintain baker node
We do it for you.


Current Cycle 51
Delegate tezos to attic.pool baker

Cycle 58
Tezos blockchain assigns your delegation rights to Attic Pool

Cycle 64
Rewards start to accumulate

Cycle 65
Rewards are paid every cycle after


Attic.Pool Tezos Baker is a part of Attic.Pool community staking service. Sign up to get access to advanced features, such as payout statistics, instant notifications over email or telegram and many more


What is Tezos?

Tezos is a blockchain platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications. Its unique on-chain governance mechanism enables its stakeholders to reach consensus on changes to the Tezos protocol, thus, avoiding forks.

What consensus algorithm does Tezos utilize?
Tezos uses a DPoS consensus algorithm.

What is baking?
“Baking”, a term coined by Tezos Foundation, is the action of creating a block by signing and publishing it.

Who are bakers?
Bakers are the ones who perform baking. They are similar to miners in Bitcoin.

What is endorsing?
Endorsing is the process of verification of block by tezos node. Endorsers for a block are chosen randomly and receive a reward for validation. Attic.Pool shares this reward as well as baking reward among our members.

Can I bake solo?
Yes, you can. For that you need to freeze 10,000 XTZs (13,000 USD) and lock 825 XTZs (1072.5 USD) as a security deposit. Additionally you have to take of security of your servers and make sure that their uptime is as high as possible, so you do not miss a chance to bake.

What is delegation?
Delegation is a process of staking tezos to a baker and thus participating in proof-of-stake consensus algorithm.

Why should I delegate?
There are several reasons to delegate your XTZs to Attic Pool.

  1. Higher chances to bake. The more XTZs a person posses, the higher odds of baking a block.
  2. Higher chances to earn. Attic Pool distributes its earnings among all pool members accordingly to their share.
  3. Low entry treshold. You need to have only 10 XTZ instead of 10,000 XTZ to start baking.
  4. You don't need to have XTZ for security deposits. Security deposits are locked from our own balance
  5. You don't need to setup and maintain baker node. We do it for you.

Are my funds safe when I delegate?
Yes. Your XTZs never leave your wallet when you delegate them to Attic Pool. At its essence delegation is just giving a permission to bake for you. So, the security of your funds is guaranteed by Tezos blockchain.

Do you lock my funds?
No. Your funds are never locked, so you can transfer or re-delegate them at any time. However, to maximize your rewards we suggest that you hold your XTZs for at least 15 cycles with the same baker.

How much can I earn?
Earnings depend on lots of variables, however the number of active bakers impacts return the most. 5.51% of annual return is possible if 100% of bakers are active. This figure increases to 18.36% if only 30% of bakers are active. Please note, that payouts are made in XTZs.

How do I track my delegation rewards?
We send rewards to your manager account automatically as soon as funds are available in tezos blockchain. For better tracking sign up to attic.pool community services and setup email or telegram notifications.

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